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Are you looking for certified possum controllers in Brisbane? Then you shall hire Fast Pest Control. Our company can get rid of your possum problem with safe methods and legally. However, you shall know that you can not deal with them by yourself without consenting with the Department Of Conservation and Environment. 

So for removing possums you can only hire a pest control company which have a special license to remove them. Moreover, our Possum Removal Brisbane has been working in the industry for many years and has removed possums safely thousands of times. So, just hire our company and rest assured.

Possums formerly come from the marsupial family. But to cut a long story short, and to get the know-how on how to dispose of possums, read below the detailed discussion.

The most significant thing about possums is that they are well-secured under the Wildlife Act of 1975. And, according to the activity guidelines, you can never cause any harm to these animals or cage them, without informing and consent of the Department of Conservation and Environment. Many certified Pest Control agencies carry a license of possum removal, using different methods and approaches. They expertly follow all the right rules of removal and evacuation of these species from your existing premises.

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What are possums

What are Possums?

Possums are very much acclaimed Australian wildlife creatures, and these marsupials generally visit different living habitats primarily during the night-time. Possums are ideally found in the nearby wilds or the courtyards and gardens of the home and another workplace. They refuse to come in the open-air to fetch food. Instead, they remain inside the rooftop and attics of the houses and tend to destroy objects kept there, like window panes and banisters. Also, the dirty and mark the whole territory with their droppings.

Types of Possum Found in and Around Brisbane

There are at least 24 to 25 notable types of possums found in the Australian wilderness. Some of these pesky creatures regularly run along your rooftop, mainly around the night time, making all the noise! These nocturnal creatures are usually found in both urban and provincial parts of Australia. Read below to the types of Possums for a bright idea.

✓ Brush-tail Possums

Brush-tail Possums are the same as the cat-family, size-wise, with a bodyweight of five to six kgs. They have greyish-tint fur with pointy earlobes. Bushy tail with a bright-looking white edge, they can dwell inside the roof crevices, smoke pipes, and chimneys, and garden beds. They are found in many other names like Coppery Brushtail Possums (Atherton Tablelands), Northern Brushtail Possums (Northern and Western Australia), Mountain Brushtail Possum (Southern Victoria and Queensland). 

✓ Ring-Tailed Possums

Ring-Tailed Possums are small-sized possums as compared to the Brush Tailed Possum, with a weight of 1 to 2 kgs. They contain dark brown-hued fur on the top-portion of their body. They have cream-hued bottom portions with small-sized white patches right at the backside of their eyes and ears. Short coiled earlobes, along with the pointy tail and a decent sized white tip, they can dwell in thick forests, mainly above the ground-level. These possums are found in various other names, like Herbert River Ringtail Possum (Northwestern Queensland), Lemuroid Ringtail Possum (Queensland), Cinereus Ringtail Possum (Northeastern Queensland), Rock Ringtail Possum (Northern and Western Australia), Western Ringtail Possum (Western Australia). 

✓ Pygmy Possums

Pygmy Possums are small-sized possum, with a weight of 45 to 50 grams. They are 5 to 12 centimeters lengthwise. Pygmy Possums can dwell in many parts of Brisbane, sparingly. Most of its kinds have a small snout with lengthy whiskers. These kinds of Possums have a greyish hued body with a protruding tail.

✓ Honey Possum

Honey Possums generally feed themselves on pollen grains as well as nectar, apart from not honey. They can mount trees devoid of using its claws. Mostly they are found in Australia’s South-west Western part.

Types of Possums

✓ Green-tail Possum

Green-tail Possum, well-known as Toolah or a Spring-tailed Possum is thickly covered with greenish fur, with all-over white patches around the small eyes. Full-grown possums can grow till 36 centimeters in length. Green Tail Possums survives on figs as well as green leaves.

✓ Scaly-tailed Possum

Scaly-tailed Possum mainly dwells in Kimberly and North-western Australia. Classically, they survive on seasonal flowers, fruits, and green leaves. These kinds of possums are less-common species amongst the other Possums. They come with almost a hairless tail.

✓ Leadbeater’s Possum

Leadbeater’s Possum has greyish-hued thick fur with around 30-33 centimeters measured tail. They are sparingly found all-over Australia.

✓ Striped Possum

Striped Possum dwells in Townsville in Queensland, Australia. Black and white stripes can be been seen all-over their body. They get their survival on pollen, beetles, leaves, insects, and honey. They gnaw with sharp chisel-like incisors teeth. These possums are well-known for their spiteful musky smell.

Diseases Spread by Possums

Possums are transporters of different irresistible and infectious illnesses or diseases. The ticks, vermin and certain bacteria get easily transmitted from them to various other creatures and human beings as well! Their excreta or dropping, the botanical name being Buruli microorganisms, leads to a vast range of skin hypersensitivities amongst many.  If at all, any individual comes in contact with their excreta accidentally, they should go quickly wash-off with medicinal cleanser.

Disease spread by Possum

Signs of Possum in the House

➤ Attacks on pet food supplies – keep your pet food supplies, under lock and key. Cover them always, as their food vanishes in a flash if at all you have possums invading your place. Also, keep your pets away from these pesky creatures to avoid any unnecessary harm.

➤ Loud, persistent noises – Possums causes a lot of persistent noises while destroying the things lying in front of them. These sounds can appear to be like the ones made by rodents, but these sounds stand shrieking ones and comparatively healthy, which a big-sized animal can make.

➤ Produces undesirable smells – One of the most apparent indications of a possum and its existence is its awful smell. Possum’s excreta and urine all-over causes an adverse scent.

Signs of Possum Infestation

How to Get Rid of Possums

Tips- How to Get Rid of Possums

There are a few different ways to forestall the entrance of Possums in your living area. Try following the tips given below to get clarity on the same.

 Square/cover the passage from all sides – You should hinder the first entry points to your home, predominantly the rooftop area, chimneys, and smoke pipes, and broken or cracked tiles, attics, and so on. Cover these areas with a net screen on all sides. Also, cover the gaps in floors, entryways, and window panes. Also, never keep your pet alone at the entrances every night.

 Trim tree lines and hedges – Possums can stow away or climb quickly onto your house rooftop if any parts of a tree are close by to the entry point. Thus, trim and cut the branches and separate the same from the roof. Avoid placing climbing creepers close to the edge of the rooftop.

 Cover food items and vegetables – Use a mesh to safeguard your seasonal and freshly grown vegetables, full-grown blossoms, and other natural herbs from a possum nuisance. Meshing food is reasonably a good choice to protect food items.

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Effective Method For Possum Removal in Brisbane

∎ Set-ups – You can use traps or set-ups to evacuate the possums. These snares are a powerful technique for catching the possums.

∎ Movement sensor – Utilize the movement sensor gadget where the issue of the possums is the most. These gadgets trigger once the Possum crosses the sensor. The plot gets activated and begins making alarm-like sounds. It thus startles the possums away! 

∎ Electric Fencing – Out of the considerable number of decisions, electrical fencing has the most utility. The same make these extremely apt in determining any possum issue. This will square or shoo them from getting to your place. 

∎ Nursery and garden lights – Possums are night-time animals that like the darkness. The garden and nursery lights will freeze them aside and make it disturbing for them to move around anywhere or proceed further.

Extermination Method for Possum Removal Brisbane

Prices for Possum Removal Brisbane Services

Fast Possum removal Brisbane agency guarantees initiate from the principal day of its administration with their workmanship and materials that are used. All the materials are used for the catching of possums by certified and experienced professionals. In the event of any re-emergence of possums, this agency personnel will again return and eradicate the possum(s) and fix the entry passage permanently.

Possum Removal – For a Single Storied, Brick Structured with tiled roof house

Along with one year warranty: around $265 +GST

With one year warranty: around $475 +GST

Possum Removal – For a Two Storied, mortar and brick structure with tiled roof house

⫸ Along with one year warranty: around $345 +GST

Along with 24 Month Warranty: around $550 +GST

Possum Removal – For any single or double storied property together with Tin or Colourbond, Steel paneled roof.

⫸ Along with one year warranty: around $385+GST 

Along with one year warranty: around $575 +GST 

Possum Removal – For any kind of weather-proof outer structure, like a single or double storied house

⫸ Along with one year warranty: around $380 +GST 

Along with one year warranty: around $585 +GST

How to Get Rid of Dead Possums from Commercial and Residential Premises

Possums are protected species, and it is not legitimate to harm them, regardless of the amount of a ruckus they create. Numerous cases are held up of their death owing to various traps, any street accident, or canine or feline attack. You will often be able to discover the dead Possum’s carcass inside the rooftop cracks, and also behind the divider/dividers. It is time-consuming, and one has to be an expert in removing their bodies. The dead possum carcass attracts flies and emits an awful smell. You should immediately dial a capable and certified possum control individual or agency to dispose of the dead body. With the aid of their alternate techniques, they never bring about any harm to your house or your workplace and its surroundings. Besides, no extra costs are rendered upon the homeowner, or the office person concerned. Afterward, they vacuum and clean the affected with an environment-friendly cleanser, to get rid of the appalling lousy odor. Their possum catching techniques are the most permanent ones, to make your house or business center a secure one. 

How to Get Rid of Dead Possum
Professional Possum Removal Brisbane Service

Possum Removal Brisbane

Fast Possum Removal Brisbane furnishes its esteemed customers with the best Possum Removal techniques in and around Brisbane. Our professional agency finds and squares all possum passage entries and removes the possums from your residential or commercial rooftops. We offer a warranty of one or two years to you for possum removal service depending on the entirety of the Possum Proofing techniques. 

Importance of Possum Removal Brisbane Service by Professionals

As you probably are aware slaughtering or killing of possums is legitimate wrongdoing in Australia. The possum removal offers a compelling, protected, effective, sympathetic, and proficient approach in evaluating and controlling the possums. As required by the Wildlife Act 1975, they all are licensed wildlife controllers and are specialists in catching the Possums from commercial, residential, or while house leasing. 

Thus, you need to follow the tips discussed above to forestall these actions on them. Follow the previously mentioned preventive tips for the removal of possums from your living place. And if these preventive techniques do not work, you can call the professional pest control agencies to remove these awful creatures permanently. No doubt, possum removal requires aptitude, insightfulness, and adequate knowledge. These pest control agencies, like us, are simply the ones to keep your house secure and safe from these nuisances for a longer duration. While liberating these dangerous creatures, confining over the correct methods, are always required. And, it is any day reasonable and safe to recruit an expert/s from our Fast Pest Control Possum Removal Specialist, who will catch the Possum for you at a moderate expense around the same time.

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