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Ants are small in size but can cause serious problems for you and your family. You need to get rid of them as soon as possible. An ant bite can cause various skin allergies. It is also not possible to get rid of the ants on your own. You can contact Fast Pest Control to get the best ant control service in Melbourne. We also have an expert team for Ant Control Melbourne to deliver the best possible outcomes. Additionally, we use the best and latest methods to eliminate the ants at very low service rates.

Ant prefers to eat sugar-based and protein-based food. They produce the scent termed as the pheromone that helps other ants to follow the route. You can easily spot them. Ants create a risk to your well-being and the property.

Fast Ant Control Melbourne deals with all kinds of ants efficiently with the specialist team. Ants scavenge through the unsanitary and trash area for their food. Treatment of ant is needed because they spread from one small hole to the dozen of ants.

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    Why Ant Infestations Are More Than Just A Simple Problem

    Ants are none but a big irritation that causes much destruction coupled with much botheration. For the extermination and counteraction of a wide range of ants, Fast Control Agency at Melbourne is here with its team of exterminating experts. We have a decade-old record of successfully controlling these troublesome ants.

    Ants are a wellspring of a disturbance when they get into your private and business places. You can, without much of a stretch, discover the home of ants around your living areas, including gardens, courtyards, and so on. Also, when they choose to settle in or around your home, at that point it is hard to adjust their movement.

    Using any normal treatment may assist you in some way and for a brief timeframe. However, in order to dispose of these year-round pests for quite a while, you require proficient pest control experts. Fast Pest Control Agency in Melbourne stands to be an expert in controlling ants and other pests of Melbourne. We go for a deep exterminating and fumigation process, on the same-day by checking and using various modern techniques.


    1. Acrobat Ants

    The acrobat ant gets their name due to their body structure as they have the ability to raise their abdomen over their head and thorax. They are relatively small in size. Ants have a segmented body, and their abdomen similarly resembles the shape of the heart. You can notice these ants inside your home on utility lines, pipes coming into the wall, and on the wires. They are found in different species in light brown to black.

    2. Argentine Ants

    The worker ant of these categories are about 2.2 to 2.8 mm in length and has a single node. Ants have different colors ranging from light brown to dark brown. The shaded areas in the summer are the preferred locations of the ants. Ants emit a musty smell during their work. These types of ants are not able to sting. If you are infested with Argentine ants, then its most similar symptom seems like is trails of ants.

    3. European Fire Ants

    The worker of European fire ants are 4 to 5 mm long. These species of the ants have two nodes, and color varies from ants to ant. Most of them are reddish-brown. They prefer to live outside during the summer season, mostly in lawn, gardens, and shrubbery. During the cold seasons, they prefer warm areas that have moisture.

    4. Carpenter Ants

    Different species of carpenter ants are available all across Melbourne. They have a large variety and have a broad physical description. The length of a worker ant is between 6 to 13 mm. Probably they do not eat the wooden material, but they excavate it to make their habitat. They certainly prefer to live outside in lumber or tree.

    5. Crazy Ant

    The crazy ants have incredibly long legs and antenna. The size of the worker ant varies from 2.2 to 3 mm. They make their colonies in the dry and moist environment. Inside the house, you can notice them consequently under the carpet, wall voids, and in the house plant. If they are distributed, then they move around sporadically. They can not bite because they do not have stingers.

    6. Dark Over Ants

    The length of these ants is 1.6 mm. They are medium to dark brown. The large colony size of these ants creates a nuisance. They do not stings. They, even more, prefer to make sweet liquid as their food source. You can notice them near peoples and under the object that are on the ground.

    7. Asian Needle Ant

    Asian Needle ant are 5 mm long and have one node only. They are brown and black and have dark orange mandibles on their bodies. These types of ants prefer to live in high moist areas where sheds are available. They are less aggressive. The bite of this ant causes pain and welt to humans.

    8. Field Ant

    The length of a worker ant is between 4 to 8 mm. They are in a variety of colors, including brown, black, mixed red, and yellow-brown. You will mostly found them indoors. They can bite because they have stingers.

    Common Signs of Ant Infestation

    ▶ Visual Sight of Ants

    Ants are black, long and do not have wings to fly. If you have seen the ants near your home commonly, then it is a symptom that ants are living inside your home.

    Debris and Frass

    The solid waste left by the colony of ant is known as frass. Even though if you don’t see the ants and they are living with you, then you can detect their frass. Ant also chews the wooden material of your home and creates the debris from that wooden material.

    Nests of Ant

    Ants don’t often build their nests within your home, but infestations are usually accompanied by nests near the house, or even adjacent to outside walls. Look for tiny dirt mounds with lots of ants milling around. They will seem small and insignificant, but just beneath the surface, there are countless ants.

    Common Signs of Ant Infestation

    What Attracts Ants in the House?

    Ants come inside your house, generally looking for the lying food on your kitchen counter. They have a sharp smell detecting power that gives them an idea regarding their food source. Ants stroll around them randomly, leaving a handful of imprints by the ants to come back again! They have an excellent choice for sweet or sugary food items. On the off chance that you are keeping the right amount of the food and water laid-out openly for ants, at that point, they prefer loving to live inside your living or working space.

    Attraction of ants in the House
    life cycle of ant

    Life Cycle of Ant

    The life cycle of ants includes four stages.

    1. Egg: The ant life begins with an egg. The eggs are soft, oval-shaped, and tiny in size. All the eggs of the ants do not go to the last stage as some of them are eaten by the nestmates to gain extra nourishment.

    2. Larva: The egg hatches into a larva that looks similar to the worm that has no eyes and legs. They depend on the adult ants for the nourishment. They eat food from them and grow rapidly by moulting their skin.

    3. Pupa: When the larva increases in size, they have a silk-like cocoon around itself. This stage is the recognition and rest phase of the egg. They firstly remain white in the starting and then becomes darker.

    4. Adult: Finally, at the last stage, the egg gets developed into the adult. The ants that are in the young phase are lighter in colour as compared with adult ants. The process of development from eggs to adults takes several times. The growth of ant also depends on the species and the environment.

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    Tips to Prevent Ant Infestation

    Keep your home and kitchen places clean.

    Don’t leave any evidence of a meal for the ants so that they make their nest inside your house. 

    Repair all the gaps and crakes that are visible to you, as these sources are liked by the ants to make their habitat.

    Do not leave the eatable ingredients at any place. Therefore keep them at a proper home and in the container.

    Keep all the entry points blocked for the ants.

    If you have a pet inside your house, then don’t leave the pet food outside.

    You can spend the pesticides on the ant’s outsides the house.

    Eliminate all the sources of the ant that provides the way inside your house.

    If you notice ants inside your premises, then it is best to use the baits at those locations.

    Wipe out the places where some sweet liquid was kept available.

    Tips to Prevent ant infestation

    DIY to ant Control melbourne

    DIY to Control Ants

    You can control ants with some useful home remedies. You can follow some of them.

    1. Lemon Juice

    Lemon juice distracts the scent that is used by the ants to identify their food source. The mixer of lemon and waterworks as a multi-purpose spray that can be used as the places that are seen with ants.

    2. Peppermint

    Mint act as a natural repellent for ants. Ants do not like the smell of essential oils that are generated by the peppermint. Apply the spray of the peppermint directly to the ants. The ants that come directly in contact with the spray get terminated from the house.

    3. Borax, sugar, and water

    The cake form of borax, water, and sugar gives slow results on the ants, but it is an effective solution against ants. The ant worker took away the solid cube with themselves at their colonies by understanding them as a food ingredient.

    4. Dish Soap and Water

    Applying the dish soap and water solution provides the excellent result against ants. Boiling water swipe way the nest of the ants and destroys their habitat, thus eliminating them from your premises.

    5. Vinegar

    Prepare a solution of water and vinegar in the spray bottle. You can apply it on the ants directly to control them. Use it on the windowsills, doors, and other places that are the entry points of the ants.

    6. Food-Grade Diatomaceous Earth

    Food-Grade Diatomaceous Earth is a non-toxic killer for ants. It is an off-white talc-like powder that is used to control the ants. Diatomaceous Earth kills all the ants and other crawling pests effectively.

    Why Do you Need Ant Control Service Melbourne?

    Ants are small, besides they work hard and produce great damage to your health and property. You can find them around the carpet edges, doors, windows, and all the areas of the kitchen. They make their nest and take their food source to that place because the nest is their habitat. They create damage to your wooden furniture and the outside area of your house by creating their nest therefore they must be controlled.

    Ants lay down the pheromone fragrance that as a result invites the other ants to that location. Ants cause risk to your health. Because of quickly building up the colonies, ants become a constant source of irritation for you. Also, some of the ant bites create pain. To control such irritating pests, you should probably call Fast Ant Control Melbourne. The practical and budget-friendly solutions regarding ant control is delivered to our clients. We are available all the time. Our expert technicians reach your doorstep instantly after booking.

    Ant Control Service Melbourne

    Professional Process to Control Ants

    To control the ants in the right way, the Fast Ant Control Melbourne uses different methods to manage them.

    Using Baits:

    The experts of Fast Ant Control Melbourne, inspect the affected place and provides the baits treatment to ants. The bait works and provides the result, therefore, wait for at least 3 to 4 days. Placing the baits at the right place gives effective results. For the best effect, baits should be reapplied. The baits work faster and provide a long-lasting outcome.

    2. Application of Dust:

    Our expert technicians use the best-desired chemicals in the form of dust to the places that are most affected by the ants. Dust are applied in all the areas that are seen with ants infestation.

    3. Use of Pesticides:
    Pesticides are used by our expert technicians to spray over the perimeter of your house. The used chemicals are non-toxic and safe for kids, pets, and the environment. It will block the entry doors for the ant.

    Expert Ant Control Treatment in Melbourne

    Fast Pest Control in Melbourne caters to the extermination treatment of ants with aid of the finest quality of insect medicines or pesticides for all these fundamental and deep-rooted ant issues in Melbourne

    ➠ Indoor Ants Treatment

    Ants come inside home searching for food along with wet and dampness, yet a few ants additionally prefer structuring their ant-hills inside the house, and in the kitchen stack as well! The rooftop voids and divider – pits are dry, warm, and safe settling places for these pests. Before we start the exterminating process of these deep-rooted ants, we assess appropriately for all the ant-infested areas inside and outside the living spaces.

    ➠ Open Air Ants Treatment

    Ants fabricate their homes under the house pavers, sabotaging your ways and garages. Control of open-air ants requires a mixed treatment of pesticide sprays, traps, and snares. Depending upon the subterranean ant type, these traps and snares are well-accustomed in taking out these typical ant types. We at Fast Pest Control Agency in Melbourne make use of the finest baits to lure these ants and it’s infested region.

    ➠ Grass Ants Treatment

    There are various deep-rooted ant species messing up in the yards and gardens over most of the houses in and around Melbourne. The majority of these ant issues are brought about by pipe-ants and green-headed ants in the grass area zones. These two ants cause different issues for your gardens, thus requiring altogether different deep-rooted ant exterminating medicines. We as one of the certified pest control agencies in Melbourne have all the ways and means to mitigate your problem permanently.

    Why Choose Fast Ant Control Melbourne?

    We are a leading and certified pest control company. Our focus is to deliver standard and excellent pest control outcomes. We also deliver local pest control services at an affordable cost.

    Use of eco-friendly products

    Professional and highly efficient methods

    Staff with apt Australian certifications

    Prompt response and guaranteed results

    Best services at an affordable price

    Same day pest control services available

    Use of the latest tools and equipment along with effective pest control strategies

    24*7 availability and emergency services available

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