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Cockroaches are one of the most commonly found pests in everyone’s home or properties. Moreover, there are more species of roaches in Australia than ants. And their ability to survive in any situation and weather is out of this world. So for dealing with them you will need professional help. Fast Pest Control is one of the helping hands that you can hold for dealing with roaches. Our Cockroach Control Brisbane Team is aware of all the methods and tricks to exterminate the pest from your property along with their breeding nest. Our services are also available at modest prices and will not burden you financially. 

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    What Attracts Cockroaches in Your Home?

    Cockroaches make their way into your house due to several reasons. Some of them are

    ✓ Due to the leftover food 

    ✓ Due to the generated mesh in the house

    ✓ Due to the availability of water

    ✓ Due to readily available shelter

    ✓ Due to the availability of moisture

    Cockroach Borne Disease

    The other term used for cockroaches is filth and poor hygiene. Cockroaches are the synonym of dirt, poor hygiene, and filth. Roaches spread the disease by contaminating the food and other materials by their germs. Some of the diseases that are carried by these cockroaches are:

    ➥ Salmonellosis 
    ➥ Plague
    ➥ Campylobacteriosis
    ➥ Listeriosis
    ➥ Typhoid Fever
    ➥ Cholera 
    ➥ Gastroenteritis
    ➥ Dysentery
    ➥ Leprosy
    ➥ Giardia

    To save your family against such disease you should hire the best professionals for controlling the cockroaches. Fast Cockroach Control Brisbane saves your family from these types of diseases.

    Disease Spread by Cockroach

    The Need for Professional Cockroach Controller in Brisbane

    Several methods can be used to prevent the cockroaches, but to get the best environment, you must hire professional pest controllers. In Brisbane, Fast Pest Control is the best and reliable company that deals with all types of cockroaches. Our services are offered on the same day after booking. Cockroaches are the most annoying pests that ruin your health too. It is important to hire a pest controller that does his job with full efficiency and dedication. Fast Pest Control Brisbane is always ready to serve his clients anytime and anywhere.

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    Types of Cockroach in Brisbane

    There are several types of cockroaches. Some of them are;

    American Cockroaches

    These types of cockroaches have a reddish-brown and yellowish figure like appearance. Their most liked places for habitat are sewers and basements. 

    Brown Banded Cockroaches

    These cockroaches are brown and have banding across their wings. The female’s wings are smaller as compared to the male’s wings. They have dark brownish bodies. They mostly hide their eggs inside the furniture. 

    German Cockroaches

    German cockroaches are oval-shaped with six legs and antenna. Their skin color varies from light to tan brown. The most liked places of these cockroaches are kitchen and bathroom, but their infestation occurs at that place where people eat the food. 

    Oriental Cockroaches

    These cockroaches are very large, shiny, and dark in color. Their most liked habitat are sewers and near the drainage area. Also inside the house, the crawling and basement spaces are the habitat of such cockroaches.

    type of cockroaches

    signs of roaches infestation

    Symptoms of Cockroach Infestation

    ✓ Unusual Smell: If pests are living with you, then you can smell the strange odor in your house.

    ✓ Droppings: Cockroaches create approx 2 mm long cylindrical droppings if there is little water.

    ✓ Shed Skins: Cockroaches shed their skin 5-8 times as they move from mature to the adult stage. You will easily notice these sheds near the habitat of the cockroaches.

    ✓ Smear Marks: You will notice the smear marks that are created by these cockroaches in the abundance of water, mostly at those places where they scuttle along.

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    How to keep the house free from Pesky Roaches?

    Good sanitation is the basic key to prevent the cockroaches from the house. Keep your home clean as much as possible.

    Keep your kitchen area clean. Do not keep the food material overnight. Clean all the dirty dishes. 

    Do not eat everywhere as it will provide the maximum number of the food source for the cockroaches.

    Place all the eatable material in the sealed containers. 

    Block all the entry points. Cockroaches hide inside the cracks and crevices.

    You can follow all of these preventive measures to control the cockroaches, but even if your problem is not solved, then Fast Pest Control Brisbane is here to solve your problem. 

    cockroach prevention tips

    Professional Treatment Methods Used by Fast Cockroach Control Brisbane

    Fast Pest Control Brisbane treats the cockroaches in the best possible way. Some of the treatment techniques that we use are:


    Baits are used to control the cockroaches. It can be used in the form of gel or the child-proof case. We place the baits in those areas that are most prone to cockroaches. 


    Various kinds of chemicals are available in the form of powder. Spreading the powder near the places that are seen with cockroaches eliminate these pests. 


    A number of chemicals are present in the market in the form of a spray. Our professionals use their best spray to exterminate the cockroaches from your living area.

    Growth Regulators

    Our expert team uses the growth regulators to control the population of cockroaches while keeping in mind the safety of your kids and pets. 

     Precautions Required Before & After Cockroach Control Service


    It is good for the health of kids and pregnant ladies to stay away from the place where the treatment is going on.

    Removing all the heavy objects from the corners ensures the safety and proper treatment.

    Close all the doors and windows properly so that none of the cockroaches may run away from the affected place.

    Remove all types of mats from the house and place them in sunlight.


    Don’t start cleaning the chemical applied surface with soap and water.

    Avoid the direct contact of kids, pets, and family members with the chemicals.

    Open all the doors and windows after 3-4 hours.

    excellent cockroach control brisbane


    Professionals of Fast Cockroach Control Brisbane are skilled and certified to eliminate all types of roaches from your residential and commercial places. We use eco-friendly chemicals for treating these pesky roaches. For effective treatment, we follow a professional approach.


    Our professionals do a complete survey of your residential and commercial places. Roaches generate some symptoms that our professionals easily identify. We perform an inspection of the affected place and search out the main cause of roach infestation. Our inspection gives accurate knowledge and helps in controlling the roaches.


    As per the inspection report, our professionals do the needful treatment. The best method is used to control roaches. By using bait, spray, and other treatments, our professionals guarantee complete satisfaction to the customers. We provide a clean and sterile environment. With years of experience, we know how to deal with any type of cockroach. 

    Preventive Measure

    Not only the elimination of cockroaches is necessary, but also proper prevention should be taken so that no future infestation may occur. Professionals of Fast Cockroach Control also provides preventive tips to clients. Our highly trained professionals solve all your queries and doubts.

    Book us today for the same day cockroach control services. We deliver same day services all over Brisbane. Affordable services are delivered at your doorstep.  


    Are Fast Cockroach Control Brisbane Services safe for kids and pets?

    The services delivered by Fast Cockroach Control Brisbane is safe for your kids and pets. Also, we use eco-safe products and ingredients for removing the cockroaches from your residential and commercial places.

    Which cockroaches are mostly found in Brisbane?

    American Cockroach, Australian Cockroach, and German Cockroach are some of the cockroaches that are mostly found in Brisbane.

    How often should roach treatment be done?

    After every 30 to 60 days, if you take cockroach control treatment, then you will enjoy cockroach free life.

    How professionals of Fast Cockroach Control Brisbane treat roaches?

    Our professionals use spray, bait, and other products to control the cockroaches. Our professionals are skilled and certified to carry out the treatment.

    Should I be worried about seeing one roach?

    Seeing a single roach implies that your home is infested with the cockroaches. It is the case that they are hidden somewhere in your residential place. You should immediately get them controlled by hiring professionals.

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