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What are Bees?

Bees are the flying insects who are found closely related to wasps and ants. They are known for their hard work of pollinating the flowers and collecting the nectar from it in order to create honey out of it. Bees belong to the family of Apoidea who is presently considered a clade called Anthrophila. Around 16,000 species of bees are found in the world out of which some famous species are honey bees, bumblebees, stingless bees, carpenter bees, and more. Bees are found in the areas where flowers are found in abundance like Antarctica. Bees range in size starting from tiny bees of 2mm (0.08in) to long one of 39mm (1.54in).

What are Bees

Types of Bees in Brisbane

There are many people who are allergic to beehives and thus they need to keep a check on bees around them in order to protect them from infection. But not only allergic people, but others should also keep a check on the type of bees around them. You should be aware of the bees type so that you can take necessary steps at the right time to control the bees from your premises. There are generally two kinds of bees:

》 Social Bees

When you talk about bees, social bees are the ones who come to your mind. Social bees are the pests who are found in the group or large gathering. These kinds of bees generate hives together in order to create their community. 

✦ Honey Bees

Honey bees are one of the most popular and well-known bees who live in their hives in colonies and make honey after collecting nectar from the flower. They are present in large colonies that can number more than 80,000. Honey bees are small in size who have large length but narrow figures. These bees are not too furry or hairy.  

✦ Bumble Bees

Bumblebees are yellow and black colored bees who are large in size and are one of the hairiest bees who can be found flying around your garden during the warm season. Bumblebees are one of the biggest pollinators of flowers on the planet. They make their nest in the ground and most often use rodent burrows or areas to make their living. 

✦ African Honey Bees

These are considered to be Killer Bees whose sting is really painful and life-threatening. They are angry bees and are notorious in nature. If they make their living at a place, they can bite anything and anyone. So, if you ever see or find African bees around you, never give it a second thought and call a professional bee controller immediately. 

》 Solitary Bees

Solitary bees are the ones who live on their own and in small colonies. Like all other creatures, they find their mate and build small hives with them where they reside. Solitary bees fly on their own, instead of groups. They create enough food to eat and feed their larvae.

✦ Carpenter Bees

Carpenter Bees are the large, flat, and furry bees who are considered alike Bumblebees. But there is one difference between both is that carpenter bees are blue-black in color and have fur in stripes. Carpenter bees get their name so because they make their nest in wood. 

✦ Ground Bees

Ground bees make their nest in the ground instead of the hive on the trees. These are the insects who do not live in the colonies and are found flying in or around the ground. Ground bees can bite you but only when their nests are dug. 

✦ Digger Bees

As compared to ground bees, digger bees are furry and 12-18mm in length. These are usually found getting out of the holes in the ground. Digger bees bite less so there is low risk when they are around. 

✦ Mining Bees

1,200 species of bees are known to be mining bees. They are similar in nature with digger bees. They make their nests or tunnels underground which is like housing units where every bee has its own apartment. Mining bees don’t bite thus they are harmless.

Problem Created by Bees Infestation

Honey Bees carry various harmful diseases that can be contagious and harmful. They can spread various dangerous viruses throughout the world. Not all the bees can be dangerous but some of them are really dangerous, like African bees. Once they bite, they can cause you large pain with swelling at the part of the body. Not the only disease, but they can also cause huge economic loss to your property. Bees make their hive at your premises thus taking control over the area of your premises. If they are disturbed, they can attack you in groups. Also, if they are around your garden, they will destroy the flowers and plants in your yard.

Bees Infestation Problem
What Attracts Bees in the House

What Attracts Bees in the House?

➤ Sugar- 

Many bees love to feed on the nectar they collect from the flowers. So, it is assumed that bees get attracted to the items or fragrance that smell sweet and flowery. That’s why you notice bees around sweet food items when you go for a picnic. So, whenever you spray perfume or apply sunscreen of sugary fragrance to your body, there is a chance that it may attract bees.

➤ Pattern and Colours- 

Besides nectar, bees also feed on pollen that they brought from flowers. They can see the colors of flowers through the spectrum as orange so they are mostly noticed near purple, yellow, and blue flowers. They also tend to attract to symmetric patterns, so there are chances that they get attracted to preferred colors and patterns.









Signs of Bees In Your House

Are you worried that you can have bees in or around your house? Don’t worry! These are some signs through which you can identify and find the presence of bees at your house wall. Wondering why would bees come to your place, if they are found near the flowers? Bees found your house wall for their hive as it offers them a safe, warm, and protected place. 

✔️ Buzzing Sound 

This is one of the basic and obvious things through which you can find the presence of bees at your house. But there are many people, who ignore their buzzing sound. If you find the buzzing sound in your walls, then it is obvious that it gets bees in it in large numbers. If you are finding a high buzzing sound from your wall, then it is really dangerous as a very large number of bees can be residing in your house.

✔️ Sudden Appearance of Bees

If you have not gone out of the house for past days and are still finding honey bees around your house, then it is obvious that you are suffering from a bee problem. This can be a chance that they have come to your place from a hole or open window but this can also possible that they have come from the nest, made inside your house.

Signs of Bees in the House

Why to Get Rid of Bees

Why Should You Get Rid of Bees?

Bee Stings: Almost all of us have been ones stung by a bee and we know how painful their sting is and how much their bite can hurt us. So, if you have bees nest or hive at or near your house, then you are at high risk, as they can bite you anytime. There are chances that they can sting your family members. Some bee stings are fine but some can be very worse and painful. In order to protect yourself from their attack, you need to call Fast Pest Control professionals for a bee control service near your house. 

Allergies to Bees: Bees are the carriers of various harmful diseases that can spread dangerous viruses to your surroundings. Not only this, but some people do also have allergies to bees bite. They can even die because of bees sting. If you are having someone at your house who has a bee sting allergy, then it is really necessary that you remove the bees hive or nest from your house immediately you find that around. 

Aggressive Bees: Bees are less dangerous when they are non-angry but once they are disturbed or get aggressive, they become very dangerous. The reasons behind their anger can be a lack of flowers for pollination in the area, hot weather, and main in order to protect their hive from destruction. Also, if by mistake anything touches their hive, the whole colony can come to bite you. The excellent way to deal with aggressive bees is to get rid of them by hiring a professional bee control team. 

How To Get Rid of Bees – Bees Control Brisbane

➠ Soda

Bees are the lover of sweet liquid. You can keep an open bottle of sweet soda or half-filled glass of sweet soda in the areas where you find bees frequently. Bees will then get attached to baking soda and drink it. This is the best home remedies and environment-friendly method to get rid of bees but this is also true that this method will kill the bees.

➠ Call a Beekeeper

 If you are living in an area where you can find the beekeeper very easily, this is the best decision to call them to get rid of bees. Beekeepers are the professionals who deal with beehives and remove it effectively without killing the bees and keeping them alive.

➠ Vinegar Spray Solution

This is the simple and one of the most effective home remedies to remove the bees. You just need to mix an equal amount of water with vinegar in a bottle. Spray this mixture in the bees nest when they are sleeping or at the plants where you see bees more often. This solution will surely kill the bees so make sure to remove the dead bees.

➠ Moth Balls

There are few smells that bees don’t like at all and mothballs are the ones. Hang the mothballs near the bees nest or hive so that bees can easily smell it and never come back. You can also hand the mothballs in the areas where you don’t want bees to be present.

➠ Cinnamon

If you are looking for a solution that will remove bees without killing them, this solution is best for you. Just sprinkle some cinnamon daily around the hive for a week. The smell of cinnamon will let the bees look for a new place for their hive.

➠ Bees Repelling Plants

This solution will help you to remove the bees from your yard without killing them. Plants Citronella, Mint and Eucalyptus plants at your yard as these are the bee repelling plants that grow easily and let the bees keep away from your yard.

Fast Pest Control Professional Bees Control Brisbane Service

As we mentioned above, Fast Pest Control Brisbane offers 100% safe and effective bees control services. Our treatments are carried out by experienced beekeepers who know how to remove hives safely and relocate bees. We start by inspecting your entire property for bee nests as the situation might be a lot worse than what you think. Then we determine if it is absolutely safe to capture the bees and wasps and release them in their natural habitats. Our first priority is always to relocate them. However, if they get aggressive, we might have to resort to fog machines to eliminate them for the safety of your family.

It is vital to remove beehives and wasp nests as soon as possible in order to stop new larvae from developing.  This stops these pests from multiplying quickly. Our expert beekeepers use special equipment to capture bees safely while providing Pest Control Brisbane. Then the hive is removed safely as it can be used for commercial purposes. It’s very easy to identify beehives by sight. It’s wise not to disturb them, especially if there are children around if you don’t have any experience in beekeeping. Fast Pest Control professional bee control service in Brisbane at most affordable prices. Our experts are available 24*7 to help you with all kinds of bee control needs. 

Call us on 0482079771 to schedule an inspection from our experts and get a free quote from our service.

Professional Bees Control Brisbane

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