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Moths are one of the few directly harmless pests in Australia. The moths will not attack you but they can wreak havoc on your linen items. Whether it is a curtain, carpet, clothes in your closet or etc. they will eat it all. All you can do is hire a Fast Pest control professional company to treat the infestation at your property.  The team moth control Brisbane is aware of the tricks that moth uses to survive and how to counter them. Their years of experience and helps them to provide the finest services in Brisbane. Hiring us will also enable you to take benefits of our several exclusive services at nominal prices.

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    Moth Icons - Download Free Vector Icons | Noun ProjectThings You Don’t Know About these Irritating Moths

    Many Moths are Nocturnal, but Many Fly During the Day

    We think that moths are night creatures. But it is not valid. Some of the moths also remain active during the daytime. They are mistaken as butterflies, blees, or hummingbirds. These moths mimic wasps and bees and suck nectar from the flowers.

    Moths Are Attracted to Light Bulbs, Bananas, and Beer

    If you want to see the greater diversity of moths, then the best way is black light with a collecting sheet. Also, to attract some more moths, you can use a moth attracting recipe that would have ripe bananas, stale beer, and molasses. You just have to paste this mixture on the tree trunk and wait what kind of moths you will see.

    Some Moths Migrate

    Like everyone, moths also like to migrate from one place to another in search of their food. But they fly only during night time. Moths do not like warm and dry weather; that’s why they also migrate.

    Many Adult Moth Does Not Eat

    Some of the moths suck nectar, but they are not able to eat that because the adult luna moth does not have a mouth. When adult luna emerges from the cocoon, then he only lives for about 1 week. The only mission of adult moth is to mate and lay eggs.

    Moth can Smell from a Distance of 7 Miles

    Moths do not have a nose, but still, they have a good sense of smell. They identify the odor with the help of their antenna. Moth has a feather-shaped and elaborate antenna that helps them in identifying the female moth from about 7 miles (11 kilometers) away.

    The moth is Food Source for Many Animals

    Moths are mostly a primary food source for bats. They have an existence in the food chain. The larval form of the moth is a caterpillar, which is a food source of most of the nesting birds. Also, some of the countries use it for dinner. Because caterpillars are rich in protein

    Two Common Variety of Moths That You Will Find

    Clothes Moth

    If you have kept the ironed clothes in proper shape under your wardrobe and take it out with a hole or dark-colored stains, then this is the work of the moth which is residing inside your wardrobe. To avoid this problem, try to keep only cleaned and washed clothes inside the wardrobe, especially the woolen clothes after the season.

    Pantry Moth

    These types of moths are harmful to those places where the packaging of food is done or at food outlets. They can quickly infest all the food material of that place. To avoid the contamination or infestation of moths, try to keep these places as clean as possible. The surrounding and outside part of the food stall must be treated with the pesticide to have proper solutions against these irritating pests.

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    Problems Associated With a Moth Infestation

    Common problems with a moth infestation are given below:

    ✓ Clothing damage will most immediately occur in silk or leather garments by cloth moth.

    ✓ The best target of the moth is carpet, curtains, and upholstery.

    ✓ You may found a spot for laying eggs and growth.

    ✓ Dark spots of moth’s waste and marks of shedding from their body can ruin your garments, books, and other fabric items.

    ✓ Foodstuff can also get infected with their presence.

    ✓ Moth leftover germs and dirt from their body.









    What is the Need for Moth Infestation Control Brisbane?

    ✓ The dropping of moths contaminates the food material. And if it is consumed, then it may cause severe health issues.

    ✓ Some of the moths cause discomfort to the people during their sleep with their noise.

    ✓ The hair of the caterpillars may trigger asthma attacks in some people.

    ✓ Moths can fly near to the face of the people in a heavily infested place that irritates.

    ✓ There are certain moths that damage clothes, carpets, and blankets, so if there is any moth infection inside that, then there will be infection to the person that uses that

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    sign of moth infestation

    What are the Symptoms of Moth Infestation?

    The presence of moths inside the residential or commercial places is quite frustrating. You can notice some of these infestations if moths are hanging with you.

    Adults Moth Flying Inside your House

    You will see the number of moths inside your existing premises, either crawling or flying. If infestation is in large amounts, then you will see them easily at every corner of your home.

    Moth Inside the Pantry Section

    The moths keep crawling and flying inside your pantry store. They contaminate the food material. You should call Fast Moth Control Brisbane for professional moth treatment.

    Presence of Cocoon

    Moth remains inside the cocoon before getting completely developed into the moth. So if you notice any white-colored silky material, then it is a symptom that moths are getting ready for the destruction of your clothes and other materials.

    Hole Inside your Clothes

    If moths are living inside your residential place, then you will see the undesired and irregular shape of holes inside your clothes.


    The life cycle of these pests gets completed in 4 stages.

    Stage 1: The Egg – Embryonic Stage

    It is the very first stage of the moth life cycle. In this stage, the development of the embryo takes place inside the eggs. The development of moths is not the same as fish or bird embryos. Inside the female moth, the egg gets fertilized after mating of the male and female moth. The female moth then looks for a safe place to lay her eggs. They mostly prefer an area that is rich with plants because plants will work as a food source for the newly hatched eggs i.e., caterpillars.

    Stage 2: Larva – Larval Stage

    The plural form of the larva is larvae. The first stage of the larva is termed as an instar. After hatching from the eggshell, the larva eats its eggshell. The eggshell is rich with protein, vitamins, and other nutrients that are required for the proper development and growth of the larva. Moth passes under the stage of molting and shedding like other pests do during their lifetime.

    Stage 3: Pupa – Pupal Stage

    It is the most exciting phase of the moth life cycle. In this stage, the caterpillar transforms itself into a well-grown adult moth. The moth that is under the pupal stage is known as a cocoon. The caterpillar does not get transformed into a single month. It goes under the process of histogenesis. The term histo implies “tissue,” and genesis implies “beginning.” The process also depends on the type of species and the environment. Most moths take 5 to 21 days for the formation of adult moths from the caterpillar.

    Stage 4: Adult Moth

    The final stage of the moth life cycle is adulthood. In this stage, moth gets wings and can start flying. “Imago” is the term that is used technically to describe the adult moth. It is a soft, fragile, and weak time for the moth as now he has to emerge from the cocoon. After coming out from the cocoon, they have a bloated abdomen and shriveled wings.


    How to Control Moths with DIY Techniques?

    There are several ways to get rid of moths naturally.

    Have lots of Cedar

    Prepare a solution of cedar oil with water inside a spray bottle. You can use this solution to remove moths and other insects. They do not like the smell of these essential oils.

    Combine dried, crushed, and powdered herbs

    Prepare a crushed powder form of lavender, bay leaves, cloves, rosemary, and thyme in a bag. Now place this bag in the places where you have seen moths. You can also use these herbs in the form of spray and can apply it to your clothes and belongings.

    Use a sticky trap

    You can use a moth pheromone trap that will attract the moths and make them sticky in one place. After they get stuck, they cannot escape, and as a result, they die.

    Keep your floors, carpets, and moldings vacuumed and dusted

    Try to keep your home free from dust and dirt. Use eco-friendly cleaners for better cleaning. Keep all the carpets clean and vacuumed. Also, keep the dust cleaning material clean and dry.

    Use Vinegar

    You can make use of vinegar and water solution to scrub the places where you have seen the larva or moths.

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    why choose fast moth control brisbane

    Why Fast Moth Control Brisbane?

    ✓ We are local moth controllers of Brisbane.

    ✓ Fast Moth Control Brisbane provides all services at an affordable cost.

    ✓ We do not have any hidden charges.

    ✓ Instant emergency moth control services are delivered from our end.

    ✓ We have experience of 15 years in this industry.

    ✓ Fast Pest Control Brisbane provides same day service at your doorstep.

    ✓ All of our technicians are fully qualified and are trained in their field.

    ✓ We take the utmost care of your Pets and kids during the pest removal process.

    ✓ We use eco-friendly chemicals to exterminate pests from your residential and commercial places.

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    What is the life duration of Moths? 

    The lifespan of moths generally lies in between 65 to 90 days. The immature stage of moths itself takes 3 months for complete growth.

    Why hire Fast Moth Control Brisbane? 

    Fast Moth Control Brisbane effectively deals with all types of moths that are found in residential and commercial places. We solve your moth problem on the same day of the booking. The services we provide are of good quality and reliable.

    How to get rid of moths from the corners and curtains? 

    Moths love to leave in the dark and undisturbed corners of your house. To remove moths from the curtains, hoover all the corners properly. Wash the corner and curtains in the detergent to kill the larva. Let the curtains get dried entirely and then apply them on the desired corner.

    Why do Moths eat clothes? 

    Moth loves to eat clothes as it is made from animal fibers like silk, wool, cashmere, etc. that contains keratin in a good amount. And they use it as their food source.

    How to get rid of moths? 

    Moths can be destructive for a household, but you can get rid of them by applying pest repellent spray and through regular cleaning. You can use these useful methods:
    1. Put a cedar solution in your closet to repel moths.
    2. Clean your closets and kitchen with a vinegar solution.
    3. Use flypaper and fish oil to make a homemade moth trap.