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Cockroaches are the most common pests that are found in residential and commercial places. They live in the same environment as humans that is the main reason to terminate cockroaches. Cockroaches contaminate the food, utensil, and other eatable things by their droppings.

The places that are infested with cockroaches produce foul smell and body shed. Fast Cockroach Control Melbourne provides all kinds of services to eliminate cockroaches.

We are available all the time to serve all over Melbourne. Our expert technicians deal with all types of cockroaches, either it is residential or commercial places. We have the solution for all kinds of cockroaches.

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    Experts of Cockroach Control

    The # 1 Cockroach Exterminator is the Fast Cockroach Control Melbourne. We provide our services at an affordable price to commercial and residential locations. Being one of the top control company for roaches, we always satisfy our customers. Our services are delivered in a timely and secure manner. The expert team members of Fast Pest Control Melbourne, with their expert knowledge, deals with all types of cockroaches.

    Complete care of your pets, kids, and the environment is considered during the treatment process. We provide peace of relief to you and your family members from the pesky cockroaches.

    Known Cockroaches Species

    There are several types of cockroaches. Some of them are;

    1. American cockroach

    They are the largest cockroach genus, and they are also the most common pests in residential and commercial properties. These types of cockroaches are vividly reddish to dark brown and are 28-44 mm long.

    2. Oriental Cockroach

    The other term for oriental cockroach is black beetle or water bug. It has a long life span, and they mostly make their habitat in sewers. It is one of the most abundant genera of cockroaches. They have a smooth, soft, and dark coloured body. Theses cockroaches can’t fly.

    3. German Cockroach

    German cockroaches are one of the smallest and most abundant species that are found in Melbourne. They are 10 to 15 mm long. German cockroaches love to make their habitat in warm places. They are mostly orange or dark brown coloured. These types of cockroaches breed in kitchen door hinges, crevices, and cracks.

    4. Australian Cockroach

    These cockroaches are reddish or dark brown in color. The size of the Australian cockroaches varies from 30 to 35 mm. They have yellow and white marking around the thorax and downside of wings. Australian Cockroaches love to live in gardens and sub floors areas.

    5. Smoky Brown Cockroach

    These cockroaches are uniformly colored with dark brown mahogany. Their thoraces are dark and shiny. You can find these cockroaches commonly near the perimeter of your house.

    American Cockroach
    Australian Cockroaches German Cockroach Oriental Cockroach Smoky Brown Cockroach

    Life Cycle of Cockroaches

    The development of cockroaches takes place in three stages.


    The life cycle of cockroaches starts with the generation of eggs. The female cockroaches produce 10 to 40 eggs at a time. They carry these eggs in their ootheca that is mainly for the storage of eggs. Its shape likewise resembles kidney bean, and either the mother cockroach takes it or places it at a protected place till hatching.

    2. Nymph

    The newly hatches cockroach is termed as a nymph. It comes out from the egg and shed their skin several times until reaching the adulthood phase. And dropping skin multiple times is called molting.

    3. Adulthood

    The forming cockroaches become soft-bodied and white after each molt before gradually growing bigger, becoming darker in color and hardening off. The rate at which cockroaches ripe into a fully developed cockroach depends on several factors like species and environments and conditions of the ecosystem. With the best favorable conditions, the nymph will grow into the adult cockroach.

    Life Cycle of Cockroach

    Cockroach Food and Diet

    Cockroaches are omnivorous scavengers and are going to eat every available organic food supply. While candy, meats, and starches are preferred, other things such as hair, books, and rotting matter are also known to be consumed.

    Cockroaches eat all the things that is available to them. They can live for days to a week without water. Many cockroaches survive for months at a time when they are given water but without food. However, if dry food is given but deprived of water, they will perish faster.

    How to Identify Cockroach Infestation

    1. Unusual Smell

    You will notice the unpleasant odor if cockroaches are residing with you. These smells are generated with their droppings. The odor gets unbearable if the population of the cockroaches are high.

    2. Physically seeing Cockroaches

    If cockroaches are living inside your house, then you must have seen them. In the night time, they are most active. And if you notice them during the day time that it means that the level of infestation is high.

    3. Presence of Cockroaches Eggs Cases(oothecae)

    Cockroaches breed aggressively and they don’t lay a solo egg. They lay multiple eggs at a time. Oothecae is the case in which the mother cockroaches put their eggs. The oothecae are left behind at the moment when eggs hatch.

    4. Smear Marks

    If water is available in an adequate amount, then cockroaches make the smear marks in the irregular shape. You can check these marks on horizontal surfaces and at the junction of wall and floor because cockroaches make them as their habitat.

    Professional Cockroach Control Treatment

    If you have noticed the cockroach infestation, then Fast Cockroach Control Melbourne is here to solve all of your problems. Our professionals are available every time to provide you reliable services. We offer a long-term solution to your cockroach problem. With 15 years of experience, we have full confidence to remove all types of cockroaches. Our expert technicians have advanced techniques and tools to terminate the cockroaches.

    Identification- As soon as you make a call, one of our professionals reaches your place and does a thorough inspection to find out the real cause and identify conditions that are conducive to the cockroach.

    Elimination- Once the root has been identified; we create a targeted treatment plan to eliminate the cockroaches from every nook and corner. Moreover, we use safe and environmentally friendly products while carrying out our cockroach control Melbourne services.

    Prevention- To help you prevent future infestation, our experts will share their expert advice and recommendations with you. This will help in keeping a check over cockroaches and prevent its growth in future as well.

    cockroach infestation

    1. Cockroaches Dropping – Cockroaches leave behind a black drop trail that may look like ground coffee while moving here and their. You will easily notice these if cockroaches are living with you.

    2. Egg Capsules – Some cockroaches, which contain multiple eggs, lay the ootheca or egg capsule. These eggs can be seen at some places like adjacent drainage areas, cupboards, along garbage area, and in dark or damp places.

    3. Shed Skin – Throughout life, span cockroaches shed their skins near about 6 to 7 times. You will notice these sheds near the damp, dark, and drainage area. For the early prevention of cockroaches, check out all possible habitats.

    4. Live Moving Cockroaches – If you have a cockroach infestation in your home, then it is most obvious to see the cockroaches. You can easily notice them in the night after turning on the lights at their most possible habitat.

    Safety Measures Against Cockroaches

    It is much easier to prevent the infestation of cockroaches than to get rid of them. Proper sanitation is required to avoid them from entering them in your residential and commercial premises.

    Eliminate the Food Source for Cockroaches

    • Try to keep all the kitchen area and appliances clean.
    • Empty the kitchen cabinet and clean it after a regular interval.
    • Appliances like refrigerators, toaster, dishwasher, etc. should be cleaned after some interval of time.

    Consume food only to limited areas.

    • If food consumption is scattered to many places, then several food sources are available to cockroaches.
    • Don’t keep the dirty dishes in the kitchen sink overnight.
    • Try to clean the kitchen floor before going to bed at night.
    • Remove the trash material regularly.

    Eliminate the Water Source

    • Repair all the leaky faucets and pipes if it is present in your premises.
    • Before going to bed, make sure that all the water sources of the kitchen and bathroom are properly closed.
    • It would be best if you keep all the wet rags and sponges in the plastic bag to prevent them from cockroaches.

    Eliminate the Hiding Places

    • The favorite places of cockroaches to hide is the gap and crackers that are present inside your homes.
    • Seal off all the creak and crevices to remove the hiding places.
    • Apply the tape over the appliances like computers, telephones, alarm clock, etc. that have a hole like the design.

    Stop Roaches from Entering

    • Apply caulk at the door and the windows that have small holes.
    • Try to keep away the debris as much as possible.
    • Keep doing the trimming of all the herbs, shrubs, and other plants so that it does not touch the ground or any other premises of your house.

    Why Do You Need Professional Cockroach Control Services?

    There are numerous places from which cockroach can enter your home such as drain pipe, sewer, and cracks etc. Sometimes they can also come with things like packing boxes, used bags, and even second hand furniture bought from outside. Cockroaches live and breed in garbage and dirty places. They carry harmful bacteria from these places and can cause diarrhea, cholera, gastroenteritis, typhoid fever and many other deadly diseases.

    The bacteria which causes diseases mentioned above are stuck on bodies of these cockroaches as they move and breed in your homes. Cockroach infestation can also cause allergic reactions among some people. Their infestations spread very fast. They can spread rapidly growing very fast in numbers within a few weeks only.

    They contaminate food and destroy fabric and paper in your residential or commercial area. Professionals provide quality cockroach control services that makes your surroundings energetic and healthy, helping personal growth of your family health and of your business.

    Precaution Against Cockroaches

    Give Pests the Flick With Fast Pest Control Melbourne

    Fast Cockroach Control Melbourne is among the leading professionals that deliver the best cockroach control services and help you to overcome from cockroach problem. We provide cockroach control services at an affordable price. Our expert technicians handle all types of pests from all the residential and commercial places. We quickly identify the problem, eradicate them, and provide you cockroach free home and business place. Being one of the established organizations, we confidentially solve all your cockroach problem. We apply the right method to ensure full guarantee.

    Frequently Asked Question on Cockroach Control Melbourne

    How can I Clean up after Having the Cockroach Pest Control Service?

    You can use soap and water for cleaning floors, machines, counter tops, types of furniture, and everywhere else you have seen signs of cockroaches, after pest control service. Baking soda is also useful to get rid of the smell of cockroaches.

    Do Cockroaches come out after extermination services?

    Do not use spray or any other fog. It is possible that Cockroaches may be more active after 1 or 2 weeks of pest removal treatment. After two weeks, you should be careful about cockroaches. If you track them somewhere then, follow-up services again.

    Why do cockroaches take so long time to be dead?

    Cockroaches can breathe through their little holes on their body. It can easily live without their head or mouth due to the open circulatory system. Cockroaches die because they can’t drink water and eat, without a mouth.

    Are cockroaches dangerous for human beings?

    Yes, cockroaches are dangerous. They can spread 33 kinds of bacteria, Salmonella species, including E.coli and six parasitic worms and more than five other types of human pathogens. So, hire professional pest controllers for pest removal treatment.

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