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Dealing with a flea infestation is not something one would want. No, one will like to have bites, bruises, welts, etc. whenever they wake up or just after sitting at their own place. So, hiring a Fast Pest Control Company is all you need to do while dealing with Fleas. We will handle each and every problem you may be facing when it comes to fleas. Our Flea Control Brisbane team is always ready to provide you with assistance anytime you want. Moreover, the services our team will provide you will be harmless and no products which can be potentially harmful to anyone other than Fleas and pests are ever used in our services.

In case you are having bug issues, call us, the well-known Fast Pest Control Brisbane. We are one of the most believed pest control agencies at  Brisbane loaded with pest exterminating specialists. With more than a decade of involvement with the pest control industry, we have successfully carved a niche! If you are in need for flea control Brisbane treatment, feel free to contact us!

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    Flea Control Brisbane

    What Are Fleas?

    Flea is exceptionally small however an irritating creepy crawly. Flea bites are difficult and once in a while bothersome. They are small pests and do not become bigger than a pen’s tip and range from dark to light brown in shading. They have the tendency to move by bouncing from one spot to the next place, but they do not have wings! In addition to that, Fleas are practically difficult to destroy without using pest treatment. Their hard shells and slim and leveled bodies signal that you generally need to crush them between the hard surfaces or fingernails to kill them! So, to avoid all these, read the detailed discussion below to get a better know-how about these irritable pests and the ways and means to exterminate the same.

    Interesting Facts About Fleas

    Insects are basic outside pests, coming especially from the pet pooches and felines. The grown-ups are avid blood-feeders, devouring up to multiple times their body weight in blood every day. Pets at first become infested when rearing of these pests take place inside or outside. These fleas jump from one place to the other in search of blood. All the grown-up fleas jump at a stretch, from one pet dog or a pet cat, or even from your clothes and shoes! Pets get infected from pet hostels, pet keepers, or homeless mutts. Sometimes the cats or certain untamed life, particularly possums and raccoons meandering through the gardens and courtyard. In conflict with the mainstream thought process, these insects only hop from time to time directly starting with one pet then onto the next.

    Grown-up fleas invest a large amount of their energy in the pet dogs or cats, and not on the floor covering. This is the main reason that a systematic treatment of the pets is a basic advance in freeing any heavenly abode of fleas. Apart from sucking blood from these house pets, fleas start sucking blood from the cattle and sheep too. Moreover, ‘processed blood’ inside the animal feces also attracts these pests!

    The entire mating and subsequent laying of eggs take place within a day’s time. The entirety of the eggs, ranging around 45 to 55 each day, are laid inside the animal hide. In any case, the eggs start to fall-off inside the living room’s floor covering, underneath the pads of furniture, and any place else, especially where the pet rests, dozes, or roams around. When exterminating these fleas from the premises of your residence, you should take into intensive consideration regarding these flea-infested zones.

    In the wake of incubating, the eggs form into small, worm-like hatchlings that stay covered up underneath curtain strands, furniture pads, and other close and dark places. These hatchlings feed primarily on the excrement, like the dried blood. It is thus removed by the grown-up fleas which collect and keep alongside the eggs, in areas where pets generally tend to take rest or roam around. Prior to turning out to be grown-up insects, these hatchlings change into pupae inside a silk-like casing covered by bits of wastes. These Pupae stay inside the cover for about a month. Be that as it may, it normally takes more time for them to get into action if conditions become troublesome. For instance, when a flea-infested zone is exterminated with the aid of super-powerful bug sprays.

    Fleas- Your Pet Buddies

    Fleas are none but an irritating disturbance, and likewise trouble for you and your adorable pets. The pet cats and dogs have the possibility to get infected by serious dermatitis issues, all courtesy to the flea bites, and internal parasites like tapeworms. Individuals, particularly the small ones, are here and there presented to these infectious blood-sucking parasites with aid of the connection with bug-infested pets.

    A house pet’s first interaction with a flea is generally outside – as during the initial days the indoor pets seldom have flea problems. In the Northern and Midwest states of Australia, these insects become occasionally active, mainly during spring, summer, or both seasons. Amongst the Southern and Tropical states, they are active at a large portion of the year. Fleas favor warm and wet climatic conditions, and a temperature ranging from 72 to 91° F or more, along with 70 to 75% of dampness.

    Different origins of fleas make their den by using the carpets, rugs, and other upholstered furniture, just as visitors! In the garden or courtyard, the wet and concealed soil in warm and humid climate remains appealing to both the fleas and their victims. Once on a pet’s body, fully grown flea tunnels inside the skin eat the flesh of the animal, and get the benefit of a decent blood-filled supper! Afterward, the same settles in to repeat the same process, till the time it gets eradicated by using various means of flea extermination.

    Types of Fleas


    Size: Fleas are little, wingless, and about 2.5 mm long.

    Colour: Their bodies are shiny and red and earth-colored in shading, having minuscule hair all-over the outer hide.

    ▸ No wings: Fleas do not have wings, despite the fact that they are fit for flying long distances.

    Ctenocephalides felis 

    ▸ Size: Tiny creepy crawlies measuring around one-sixth of an inch in length and are level from all sides.

    ▸ Shading: Reddish-earth colored body.

    ▸ Conduct: One female bug can lay around 18 eggs per day and only 20 insects on a pooch can deliver 360 eggs for each day and more than 2,000 eggs in seven days. After the house is treated with insect control items, it might take as long as about fourteen days or more before bugs are not seen anymore. Vacuuming as regularly as conceivable after the bug-killing can help abbreviate this timeframe.

    Types of Fleas

    Step By Step Instruction to Find Flea Eggs and Larvae

    If you have found fleas on your house pet or in your house, all the related problems that they have spread to your floor coverings and the remaining portion of the house interiors of your home should be cleaned promptly. While doing so, you will come across the eggs and hatchlings in hidden places or covered areas and the portions that will be less traveled.  For instance, inside any cracks on the floors and tiles, carpets and rugs on your floor, curtains, and so on. Ensure that you do an intensive search and cleaning of the interiors, yet should never be amazed if you cannot discover any signs of flea infestation that are self-evident. Fleas are amongst the extraordinary pests to exterminate. There are certain reasons backing this particular issue –

    ◾ Fleas cannot fly however can jump a significant distance, to feed on the blood.

    ◾ Flea hatchlings are small yet move gradually – mainly in search of food and to get a favored and secured area for stay and breed further.

    Natural habits of Fleas

    Natural Habits of Fleas

    Fleas are ectoparasites, amongst the pest category, which means they live outwardly of the body and need to benefit from the blood of their prey so as to deliver eggs. Since the fleas generally feed and lay their eggs while the pet is dozing, the pet’s resting places are the main zone where fleas are found. Numerous house pets get these fleas from outside in the courtyard or garden, which can prompt flea infestation inside the residential premises. The examination has proven that the wild animals, for example, raccoons and possums, are generally liable for making way for these pests onto the private properties where the house pets can experience them.

    how to find flea eggs & larvae

    Treat Fleas Before They Infest Your Place

    Once in a while, you may require proficient flea control help if there is an enormous infestation of the same. As a counteraction technique, you should consistently dust, clear the wastes, mop, and vacuum all surfaces where your house pets roam around frequently. Most flea eggs are generally laid on the pets’ body, inside its fur, and afterward, start to drop-off as they move. Furthermore, you should try keeping your pets outside your house for a couple of hours, while cleaning and vacuuming the house interiors. If not done in the right manner, mosquitoes, fleas, and other flies can cause many problems by making the same as their breeding ground. ☎ Call us today at 0482079771 to get rid of unwanted fleas.

    Will You Find Fleas in Your Bed?

    You will not for the most part discover these fleas in your bed – however, they are likely to be found in your adorable Fido’s bed! These blood-sucking pests like to live inside your canine or feline’s beds and will hide inside the folds rather than in your bed. Be that as it may, you should be cautious – fleas can be discovered living under your bed, which is the reason you have to wash and clean your bedding within some time-frame.

    ⦁ If you have an insect infestation, ensure to contact us to get your house treated against the pests with the aid of all professional means.

    ⦁ Clean routinely and wash you are and your pet’s bedding to guarantee no fleas are prowling inside the folds of the bedspreads.

    signs of flea infestation

    How Fleas Breed?

    Fleas are troublesome and versatile and will breed in somewhere in the range of five to twenty days in the wake of bringing forth the next new lot! They will grow-up when the conditions are good and beneficial for them and also can take care of further breeding processes to take place.

    ⦁ Adult fleas do not come out until they can take care of themselves and their likely prey. It is possible that you or your pet has the chance of getting affected by warm and humid surroundings.

    • Once a flea has developed, it will begin taking care of itself within a couple of days’ time, at which point these fleas will mate and begin laying eggs on its prey, like your pet pooch or cat.

    Problem Created By Fleas Presence

    ❯ Bites and causes skin infection, which bulges and gets reddish withing some time-frame.

    ❯ Spreads various illnesses, ailments, and in some uncommon cases can cause death.

    How to Identify Fleas At Your House?

    At the point when you think you have a flea infestation, it is a smart thought to cross-check your pet as a matter of the first measure. In the event that you do a brisk examination of your pet body and fur, and at that point discover fleas, it is for sure that you should call and consult us to get benefitted from the professional flea extermination treatment against these vicious fleas.

    In case, you may likewise observe the fleas jumping from one spot to another, and attempting to attack, you should never look back. We, the Fast Control Agency will definitely help you come across all these related issues, in a deft and professional manner.

    ⟐ Fleas rely upon blood to survive and will as a rule want to live on your pets’ blood as they are its main source of food. You should stay aware of the standardized flea controlling pesticides to keep these blood-sucking pests under control.

    ⟐ Fleas do not generally turn into an internal issue, yet in the event that they do, it is essential for you to control them rapidly and with adequate measures.

    Flea control Brisbane Service

    The Signs of Flea Infestation

    ❯ Fleas are outwardly small. They do not have wings yet can move by jumping significant distances with amazingly ground-breaking legs joining themselves on people, pets, and other hairy creatures’ skin or fur. It also includes rodents, mice, and other domesticated animals.

    ❯ Laying of eggs.

    ❯ Incessant scratching and bringing about reddish and swollen bite marks.

    ❯ Your canine or feline keeps on scratching wildly, as it tries to nibble the fleas away from their skin.

    No matter the type of business you have, you will face a  rodent issue at your premises. The presence of rodents at your property will only have a negative impact on your business and image. However, such type of catastrophe can be prevented. With our Rodent Control Brisbane service, your business can indeed be protected from rodents’ destructive nature as well as a host of many other harmful pests. Contact us today with questions or to set up service.

    Easy DIY Tips to Control Flea

    It very well may be precarious to realize how to dispose of the fleas. Be that as it may, different measures incorporate washing your pet’s fur coat properly and fortnightly. You ought to likewise remove sofa cushions from the sitting chairs of your living area and vacuum the same. But make sure to dispose-off the dust bags from your vacuum cleaners outside in trash bins.

    Despite the fact that there is a scope of various DIY measures to exterminate the fleas they are not 100% powerful. Truly, they can conceivably help in dealing with the flea issue, however, they cannot effectively be a permanent solution. This is fundamental because of the way that most home DIY solutions for fleas just influence the fully grown ones, and leaves the hatchlings and eggs behind. This makes an easy entry for another flea infestation to take place.

    Luckily, there are a handful of DIY flea remedial measures that you can try to help in prevention and getting rid of fleas.

    1. Dish-washing soap

    2. Organic flea sprays

    3. Baking-soda powder

    4. Salt granules

    5. Lime sprays

    6. Diatomaceous Earth (DA)

    7. Rosemary leaves

    8. Flea repelling plants and shrubs

    DIY for Flea Control Brisbane

    Suggestive Flea Preventive Tips & Measures

    ✱ Please guarantee that your house pet is always checked for any presence of fleas. You can buy definitions from the grocery store or vet which are protected and powerful.✱ You can likewise give your pet some protective dry bath to keep their coat clean and hygienic.

    ✱ Wash your bedding in warm water. And the same applies to your pet’s bed material too.✱ Thorough vacuuming of all hard floor surfaces and covers and mats is very important.

    How Fast Pest Control Brisbane Controls Flea From Your Place?

    Fast Pest Control’s expert group of pest control specialists are prepared in every aspect of controlling all types of pests including bug extermination methods.

    ✔ Thoroughly review the regions for pest treatment and ensure everything is protected before we start our flea extermination procedures.

    ✔ We use an assortment of particular methods around your residential property, consistently with the thought-process on the wellbeing of your family. We also treat different regions inside your home including hard floor surfaces, rugs, carpets, couches, and under furnishings. The outside areas are likewise rewarded including porches by different extermination processes and chemicals.

    ✔ We make use of the safest pesticides that are easily accessible and suggest a pest growth controller which intrudes on the further existence pattern of the insect. These all fine and professional approaches improve the treatment and are among the most secure pest controlling things accessible.

    Our Services ⤿ Flea, Ticks and Fly extermination packages

    ⤿ Flea prevention techniques

    ⤿ Permanent removal of fleas and the hatchlings

    ⤿ Thorough Flea Inspection Of Your Property

    ⤿ 100% Customer Satisfaction

    Fast Flea Control Brisbane

    Some Handy Tips for Controlling Fleas

    Controlling a flea invasion effectively requires four stages:

    • Pre-preparation for exterminating treatments
    • A thorough treatment of the house pets
    • Keeping the interior and exterior of the premises clean.
    • Consulting and taking the help of the professional pest controller nearby.

    Clearly it is seen that the housepets are the basic ways of letting the flea infestations, and the standard controlling measures assist with enough restriction of the attacking of the fleas on the pets. Thus, you are required to keep your house pet well-groomed with the proficient team of Fast Pest Control in Brisbane. You should also consult your veterinarian for any added guidance over the ways and means of keeping the fleas at bay.

    ⟹ Any insect extermination will be less successful if the house is not cleaned appropriately by finishing the accompanying advances:

    • Remove all things, for example, toys, garments and pet food from all floors
    • Wash or depose pet material.
    • Vacuum all floor coverings and mats altogether, including underneath beds and upholstered furniture.
    • Clean all wood, tile, and tile floors by clearing and wiping.
    • Clean solid floors with cleanser and water in the carport and garage, cellars, or encased porch where pets rest or move around frequently.
    • Remove all pets, like birds and reptiles. Spread inside the fish tanks with a killer fish variety, acting as the pneumatic machine.
    • Replace any pet sleeping materials outside and make every single concealed zone and spaces, and so on easily accessible for treatment.
    • You should arrange for being out of the home for a few hours until the pest control treatment and the chemicals used have completely dried.

    ⟹ The house owner needs to coordinate with cleaning the pet, and this ought to be done while the house is dealt with the extermination process. You can do the same by using various pet treatment items that are presently accessible. But remember to cater to all treatment of pets under the able guidance of a veterinarian.

    ⟹ In homes with an active flea invasion, you should consult the experts at Fast Pest Control flea extermination service and get the know-how on disposing of these blood-sucking pests by utilization of the most recent pest control items. Make sure that the endeavors ought to be centered around the places where the house pets rest and most pests will be found.

    ⟹ Outside, the pest control treatment is generally applied to the concealed places and underneath garden bushes and decks where your house pets.

    You should know that an insect infestation does not mean that you have a clean and hygienic home – it just implies that a house pet has a flea issue that should be dealt with. You have to perform both chemical and manual flea extermination techniques to guarantee that you are getting the finest of all results.

    Why Choose Fast Pest Control Brisbane?

    We are one of Brisbane’s most efficient and specialists over pest controlling techniques with regards to disposing of fleas in your residential premises.

    ➡ Extermination and Fumigation Options – We comprehend the different pests species and cater to the best method to deal with your pest issue, both at residential and business premises.

    ➡ Customized Treatment Plans and packages  – We do not use a cut-out approach – instead, we prefer dealing with each pest issue independently to get the most ideal results for your heavenly abode.

    ➡ Qualified and Insured For Complete Peace of Mind

    ➡ Cordial and Courteous Team

    ➡ Competitive Pricing

    We have managed incalculable pest issues in homes across Brisbane and we know the best practice for disposing of these pests, quickly and efficiently.

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