How to Identify Signs of Pests in Your Home?

Pests infestations are a big problem that almost all of us have faced at some time. Pests can infiltrate, infest and invade your property, homes, offices and public spaces. Pest infestations can pose severe risks to the people exposed to it. It has been suggested that any kind of pest infestation in your home can make you very sick. 

Almost all pest infestations can impact your health and well being in many ways. Pests will contaminate your food sources and spread germs and pathogens all-around your homes. Another big problem of having a pest infestation is monetary loss. Pests will bite and damage your property and belongings causing you to suffer loss. It’s highly suggested that you look for any sign of infestations as early as possible.

The earlier you check for pest infestations the easier it becomes to get rid of them. Professional pest controllers can be hired for complete pest inspection and eradication. Also, you can watch out for some signs of pest infestations that we are providing below.

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What are 5 Signs of a Pest Infestation?

  1. Pest Droppings and Faecal Matter –

    Pest droppings is a classic sign of having a pest infestation. You should always check every part of your property for any faecal matter or pest dropping. Pests also leave urine marks and visible urine anywhere they infest. You can research various droppings of various pests to identify them properly.
  2. Evidence of Nesting –

    Some of the pests typically make nests out of anything available to them. You can watch out for these nests at secluded, dark and moist places of your property. Any sign of scattered paper, fabric, cotton or carboards is another big sign of pest infestations, thus by routinely checking your property, you can look for these nests and habitats.
  3. Trail Marks or Grease Marks –

    Pests inhabit moist and dirty places. The dirt, mud and oily fur of these pests will leave greasy or trail marks anywhere they move. You can look for these trail marks anywhere you suspect having pests.
  4. Physical Damage To Structures or Belongings –

    Pests have a habit of damaging your property and belongings for food and nests. Rodents and rats especially are fond of biting and damaging the belongings. Pests will damage clutter, paper or clothes to make their nests. Damaged plants and grass in the backyard is also a common sign of pests. Hollowed or damaged wooden furniture and baseboards is a common sign of termite infestations.

Professional Assistance

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