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Fast Termite Control Brisbane – Termites are best described as wood-destroying insects. They are also sometimes mistaken as white ants, but they are far apart from them. Termites are also known as the silent destroyer. They work slowly but their result is very destructive. It is important to eliminate these pesky insects in the very beginning of the infestation. We offer affordable and expert termite treatment services that provide effective ways to control these wood-chomping insects.

Don’t panic if you find termites in your living premises. Fast Pest Control Brisbane is available to solve your problem. We have professional experts that deal with all types of termites that cause damage to your wooden material. We take the utmost care of your kids and pets during the treatment process. For budget-friendly termite control, call Fast Pest Control Brisbane today. Our termite control team has years of experience dealing with termite infestations most common to the Brisbane area.

Our technicians are fully licensed and insured, they have earned the confidence of our clients. So no matter what, we want you to be happy with our exceptional termite removal service. Book our pre-purchase termite inspection services at a reasonable cost. We offer professional termite and pest management solutions. We use the latest equipment, products, and techniques for the best termite treatment. Our skilled team specialists in termite infestation removal ensure your property is protected in the long run.

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    Professional Pre-Purchase Termite Inspection Service Brisbane

    Buying Home? Before purchase, it is necessary to conduct a pre-purchase termite inspection. A pre-purchase termite inspection will give you peace of mind, reduce risks of termite. With an expertly prepared inspection report, you will immediately know if there is termite infestation or not. We provide same-day pre-purchase termite inspection service at the most reliable cost. Our services include affordable building and timber termite inspections. We are a team of professional, licensed, and accredited termite controllers and you can expect a quality service at a reasonable price. We do a detailed termite inspection and provide you an inspection report with pictures of different areas of your home where termite infestation is present. We use the latest and most updated termite inspection techniques.

    Give Protection To Your House From Termites with Us

    Fast Termite Control Brisbane is the best termite control company in Brisbane. We effectively control all types of termites that irritates you. Our team has experienced technicians that are certified too. We provide same-day termite control treatment in all corners of Brisbane. We are working 24X7 to terminate the termites. We use the latest techniques and tools to control the termites. All of our services are eco-friendly and safe for your lovely kids and pets. 

    We provide budget-friendly and affordable termite control solutions in Brisbane. We reach your doorstep on the same day of the booking. We ensure that our customer gets 100% satisfaction from our termite control service. With 10+ years of experience, we professionally deal with all types of termites. Fast Pest Control Brisbane provides reliable service in all suburbs of Brisbane. 

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    Why Choose Fast Pest Control For Termite Control Service?

    We have been successfully conducting termite infestation treatment in all suburbs of Brisbane. First, we inspect termite infestation, after that provide the best suitable termite control treatment to remove them from your property.

    ✓  We have a highly trained and skilled termite specialist team.

    ✓  Fast, effective, and excellent result.

    ✓  Our service is fully licensed and certified.

    ✓  Affordable cost for termite infestation control.

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    Types of Termites and Its Characteristics 

    Different types of termites that are found in Brisbane are:

    Subterranean Termites

    These types of termites live in underground colonies, and they are the most destructive species of termites. They also live in moist secluded areas. They build mud tubes to protect themselves from the open air and can easily reach the food source. 

    Formosan Termites

    Formosan termites are difficult to control once they make their habitat in that place. They are capable of creating large colonies and can destroy a large quantity of wooden material quickly. China is the origin place of these termites. They are aggressive.  

    Dampwood termites

    Dampwood termites are larger as compared to other termites. They love to live in a high moisture content area. It does not infest the places that have low moisture content. Dampwood termites have a large head and front mandibles. 

    Drywood termites

    They do not make any direct contact with the soil, unlike other types of termites. They mostly infest the places that have deadwood material. Also, they do not require much water to live, but you can find them near leaky pipes and water heaters. They mostly make their nest in the roof part of your house.

    Conehead termites

    They were originally named “tree termites” and people thought that they were only found in the tree. To remove this misunderstanding, they were renamed as “Conehead Termites.” They are dark and cone-shaped termites. Conehead termites do not use the underground tunnels to travel their food source. They forge on the ground, just like ants to reach their food source. They quickly damage the large property with their most aggressive mood.

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    signs of termite infestation

    Signs of Termite Infestation

    Mud Tubes

    Termites love to live in mud tubes. They create their nest in the soil then create mud tubes in a vertical direction reaching towards any wooden material. Also, the absence of mud tubes does not mean that there is no termites infestation. 

    Damaged Wood

    If termites are living with you, then you can observe the damaged wood inside your living premises. On tapping the wood, you will feel the hollow sound. It is so because termites chew the wooden material that has cellulose.  

    Piles of Wings

    Some termites start swarming when the temperature becomes warmer than the usual day. As a result, piles of wings are visible inside your premises. 

    The bubbling of Wall Paint

    As termites start living with you, you will notice bubbling of paint on the wall. Termites will eat the wooden material that is on the back of the paint. 

    If you notice any of these signs, then it is the warning symptom that termites are living inside your house. 









    Top Three Methods for Termite Control

    Termite Monitoring System

    Termite monitoring is the professional and popular method of termite control around Brisbane. Termite monitoring stations installed for termite infestation inspection or to monitor for future infestation. By monitoring processes, the risk of termite attacking your home is reduced.

    Termite Dusting

    Termite dusting an effective termite control technique. The procedure is based on blowing dust over the area infested by pesky termite. We use two types of dust – Termidor and Arsenic. Dusting Termidor powder in those parts of the house or property that are most infested by termite pests.

    Termite Baiting

    In this method, we place termite bait directly into the ground around the outside of a structure. The termites will find the bait, feed on it and they will die. Termite baits are an effective method to eliminate and control termite infestation.

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    Types of Termites Mud Tubes

    Termites work 24×7 to create their nest and to reach their food source. Generally, they create 4 types of muds.

    Exploratory Tubes

    These are thin and fragile mud tubes and are easily visible. Termites create exploratory tubes in multiple directions. It can reach up to 15 feet above the soil. They create mud tubes over concrete and metal materials. Termites do not connect exploratory tubes to the wooden materials. Sometimes these tubes are empty, but that does not mean termites are not living in this nest. It might be the case that they will move to another part of your house in search of their food.

    Working Tubes

    Another term for working tubes is utility tubes. Termites mostly use this type of mud tube. They use these tubes to reach their food source. These mud tubes allow termites to travel long distances through the foundation of the house. You can find these mud tubes under porches, subfloors, window frames, and around sills. The dimension of these tubes has a diameter between ¼ to 1 inch. It is not organized properly. These types of mud tubes stay longer as compared to the exploratory tubes.

    Swarm Tubes

    Swarm mud tubes are huge in size. They can be more than 4 feet wider. These types of tubes are explicitly designed to accommodate a large number of termites during the swarm. These tubes are delicate, and it starts getting damaged when the host of the swarmers starts leaving.

    Drop Tubes

    Another type of mud tube that is created by the termites is drop tubes. It is generally formed between wooden material and ground. It is easy to identify because of their stalagmites in a cave’s appearance. These tubes establish the connection between the working tube and the ground. The drop mud tubes are lighter in color as compared to other mud tubes because they are made of more wood material.

     Effective DIY to Control Termites

    Controlling termites is important as they cause great damage to your property. 

    Boric Acid

    Boric acid is a natural remedy that is used to control termites. It works as a poison for termites. Controlling termites is not an easy task, but with the help of boric acid, you can reduce their population to some extent. Spray on the affected place to kill them.


    Nematodes are the parasitic insects that love to eat termites. You can place these tiny worms to the places that are more affected by the termites. They will clear out all the termites that they will get.


    Vinegar is a wonderful home material that has a multipurpose application. You will get a natural termite killer by adding vinegar and 2 lemon juice together. Spray the solution to the affected places to remove the termites from your home. 

    diy for termite
    Wet Cardboard

    Termites love 2 things. One is water, and another one is cellulose. The wet cardboard works as a trap for the termites. Put some water on the cardboard and place it in the area that is most affected by the termites inside your house. As wet cardboard becomes the buffet for termites, you can take that cardboard out and burn it to terminate the population of the termites.s of mats from the house and place them in sunlight.

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    Points to Keep in Mind While Choosing Experts for Termite Control

    Qualification, License, and Insurance

    Firstly check the qualification detail of the termite control company that you are going to hire. The termite control professionals must have proper knowledge regarding termite control. They should have a license also to work in that place. An excellent professional termite control company will not have any issue in showing these documents after asking.

    Don’t Go With Price

    For having termite control in your home, you should call the termite terminators that have relevant skills and experience and are recommended by your friends or relatives. Don’t choose them as per their prices. A high priced professional may do not complete its task with full efficiency, whereas a low budget pest controller may execute all the tasks professionally and on time.


    The termite controller that you are planning to hire must be available 24X7 to help you. Fast Termite Control Brisbane is ready to help you all the time and at any location. We complete the task with full responsibility and in the right way.

    2020 Cost of Termite Inspection and Treatment Brisbane

    Fast Pest Control Brisbane provides the most competitive termite control service. The cost of termite inspection and treatment depends on the size of home, infested area, and many other factors. We give you an estimate for termite control cost. Our effective termite treatment cost is between $200 to $ 400. After our professional termite infestation removal service, you will get termite free property. Book today our affordable and excellent service.

    Differences between Ants and Termites

    Both flying ants and termites have the same looking wings but Ants have front wings that are much bigger than the smaller wings. Termite wings are double the lengths of termite bodies. Ants have shorter wings that are proportionate to their body sizes. Ants have Compound eyes, but termites don’t have eyes. The waste section of a termite is thicker than that of an ant. The ant’s antennae are elbowed but termites’ antennae are almost straight.


    What are the benefits of hiring Fast Termite Control Brisbane? 

    Fast Termite Control Brisbane provides valid and reliable termite control services. All of our services are budget-friendly and are delivered on time. We control termites without causing any harm to your property and environment. We are available 24X7 to serve the people of Brisbane. We are professional termite controllers that are locally owned.

    After what duration should we have termite control inspection?

    It is best for your property that you should have the annual termite inspection. Controlling termites in its early phase takes place smoothly. If the age of the problem gets older, then it becomes more difficult to control them. So if you have the annual termite inspection, then you can easily control the termites before they start damaging your property.

    What is the average life of the termites?

    The queen termites live up to 25 years, and the other termites have 1-2 years of the average life cycle.

    How long does it take termites to die after treatment?

    After having professional termite treatment, termites those who came in direct contact get killed instantly. Others take 1-2 days to die. The queen termites might take a longer time to die as per the age of the infestation.

    Why do termites eat wood material?

    Termites eat wood material to keep them alive. They get cellulose and other nutrients from the wooden material.