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Rodents And The Health Risk They Pose

Rodents like mice and rats bring out various health dangers that can make human beings sick. It’s proven that the rodents spread beyond 35 diseases. These risk your health via the disease-producing parasites and germs they hold.

Disease caused by the rodents gets expanded to humans both directly and indirectly. Directly via touch to rodents’ urine, bites, saliva, and many more and indirectly via ticks, fly or parasites. Take immediate action after coming in contact with rodents as it can increase the risk in life.

Especially in winter, rodents run here and there as they’re looking for warm spots and thus they enter the house or any area and through that, they spread the infection.

Also, the rodents scrambling by the grounds and walls of your house are irritating, the problem they result in are extremely overbearing. Mice also infect eatable things which if eaten turn out to be very dangerous and perhaps harmful to humans.

To stop or get rid of mice from your home, clean the house or any area with strong cleaner so that no germs remain active. Every corner of the house including the washbasin, toilets, garbage area must be properly cleaned to reduce the risks of disease.

The rodents spread beyond 35 diseases, and here a few of the diseases caused by rodents are talked about:

Bubonic Plague

The disease Bubonic Plague must not be assumed easily though it is not as widespread as before. It gets transmitted by a bite sinking of the contaminated rat’s flea teeth and could result in excessive lymph nodes. There are several cases where people have been infected with Bubonic Plague. People don’t take rats seriously because they can spread such disease, but their spreading causes various harms.

RBF i.e. Rat-bite fever

Through its name, it’s clear that the disease Rat-bite fever is caused via bites or cuts by rats transmitting Spirillum minus and streptobacillus moniliformis bacteria. The disease must not be taken for granted and if it’s dealt with at the early stage then an antibiotic will be enough to treat it. Fever, bulging, skin rashes, vomiting are some of the indications of Rat-bite fever.


Hantavirus is among the extremely harmful infections transmitted by mice and is life-threatening. This disease is relatively common but if not taken protection at a right time, it can result in HPS i.e. hantavirus pulmonary syndrome that includes swine dysentery, Pseudorabies, swine erysipelas, bordetella. The disease is transmitted by deer mice also recognized as the Peromyscus family of rodents. In 1993, the first case of Hantavirus was recorded and the deer mice are a familiar group of mice in the US.
Exhaustion, sickness, fever, vomiting, chills, headaches, dizziness, and respiratory failure many others are indications of Hantavirus. People generally come in touch with this virus via breathing in gaseous elements of contaminated rodent saliva, urine. Also, muscle pains in the entire body are common in this virus. Immediately after you get in contact with the rodents, visit a medical M.D for not facing any serious problems.

What You Can Do To Protect Yourself From Rodents

More often than not, you’ll become aware of a mouse infestation when you see small dark droppings. Be that as it may, if the rodents are in a carport or an outbuilding, you may not be aware of them. The peril of rat infestations in outbuildings is that they like to make their homes in warm places and they may invade your home.

Human beings have to be more cautious as no particular antidote has been brought for this virus. Therefore a quick step must be taken after getting in contact with it so that no threat to life may occur. Make your home free from rodents or any area by contacting professional pest control service provider to reduce or eliminate the possibilities of contact. Look around everywhere in the house or office and if you find any holes or space through which rats may come then fill that space.

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