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Did you find rats eating out your books or any electrical wires? As much as we like seeing mice or rats in cartoons like Mickey Mouse and Tom & Jerry, they are not a pretty sight. At Fast Pest Control, we provide every type of rodent removal services. As a result, you can call us whenever you find signs such as: burrows, sounds, urine trails, smell, etc.

Since, these little pests are known to roam in the filthy garbage piles, they carry various types of harmful diseases. Therefore, call for our rodent removal services before they spread your family with infectious jaundice, ringworm, etc. If you are looking for emergency services for ‘rodent control near me’, we are here to cover you. Time’s ticking up !! Hurry up to avail all our rodent removal services !! Contact us at 0482079771 

Types Of Rodents You’ll Find 

Whether you live in Canberra or in any other place around, it is very difficult to remove rodents. Moreover, you’ll find species of rodents in Canberra such as:

  • Black Rats: These are generally known as roof rats. They eat fruits, cereals, grains and other healthy food items.
  • Squirrels: People commonly recognise tree squirrels which leap from one branch to another. Some of their species are ground squirrels. 
  • Mice: Mice have pointed snouts, small round ears and a body length tail. These are locally common.
  • Beavers: Beavers are semi-aquatic, large rodents people may find in man-made lakes etc. These are among the largest of rodents. 

Why Choose Us For Rodent Control?

Our company is a well-named one for rodent removal services that has specialisation in many services like mice control, rat control and many more. Check out our rodent control Canberra services. 

  • Local And Friendly Professionals: The majority of our rat exterminators have years of experience. Moreover, it’ll just take minutes to set up for our services and you’ll be talking to a local and friendly team.
  • Value For Money Services: We understand the concept of value for money in everyday life. In addition to this “paying enough for a good or quality service” is what we follow, so we offer only affordable service prices.
  • Safe Rodent Solutions: Our professionals are committed to promote safe Rodent solutions which are nature friendly. Furthermore, these are also safe for our customers’ health.
  • Recognised Company: Our company is a recognised one for taking shapes in order to respond effectively with our customers. Hence, we are a successful brand for rodent removal. 

Canberras’ Rodent Control Services

Same Day Rodent Control Service

Eco-friendly solutions are what our professionals use for same day mice control services in Canberra. In fact, it’ll only take about a few minutes to book our rodent removal services via online. Furthermore, we also provide sanitisation and disinfection for mouse pest control services.

Domestic Rodent Control Services

Treating and preventing rodent infestations needs a professional domestic rodent control service provider. Our rodent control professionals inspect the area thoroughly through your domestic places and plan for a rodent treatment. So, contact us for effective, quality and best services. Call us now! 

Rodent Inspection And Removal Service

Our rodent control Canberra team proudly protects homes throughout Canberra with a reliable and affordable team. Moreover, our local rat exterminators for inspection and removal are skilled professionals. In fact, inspection for rodents is the first step of treatment for rodent removal. Book our rodent control services within 24/7 hours and avail all our offers.

Restaurant Rodent Control Service

A successful restaurant rodent control plan for pest control mice includes baiting and trapping. However, experts from our mice exterminators team easily control any large mice and their number. On booking our rodents control Canberra professionals, you can get back a clean and perfect restaurant. In addition to this, your restaurant will also become hygiene and safe for your customers. 

Emergency Rodent Control Service

We have an expertise team of mouse pest control professionals for emergency rodent control services all across Canberra. Moreover, a good rule of thumb for all emergencies when you see a mouse is to not panic. Don’t worry anymore and book our rodent removal services today! 

Pre-purchase Rodent Inspection Service

A perfect rodent pre-purchase inspection will give you peace of mind and reduce your health risks. In fact, our pre-purchase rodent inspection could also save you thousands if you are going to purchase a new house. Because, you might never know if you have rodent mounds or any other pest nests. 

Industrys’ Best Pest Control Services On Time! 

Fast Pest Control is the market leader in providing efficient and quality timely rodent removal services. They are rat control, mice control and many more. We have years of experience for providing same day services after 24/7 bookings. In addition to this, we offer services all over Canberra and it’s suburbs. 

As our professionals are local ones, they will reach your location on time and leave you with the best services. So, book for our rodent removal services now and avail all our services on time. 


  • When are rodents most active?

As they look for warm shelter during the start of winter and autumn, they might come. This occurs even though they are active only during day time. 

  • How to keep rodents out of my Canberra farmhouse?

By proofing the whole house, cleaning the house and your pet house thoroughly etc. 

  • How long will it take for mice to leave my building?

In some cases, it takes about 14-27 days for them to leave. However, in most cases mice will leave within 7 days. 

We Are Available In Canberra And Its Suburbs

Our mission is simple. Be the best rodent control services company in Canberra and its suburbs. Moreover, we also strive to be the first choice for rodent removal services even in Canberras’ nearby suburbs and cities. In fact, we are many customers’ first choice for rodent removal services in Canberras’ suburbs like Canberra central, Manjura and many more. 

Hurry up and contact us for our bookings now ! Note- our bookings are available 24/7 hours a day including weekends all throughout the year.

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