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Fast Pest Control is a possum control service provider with experience of the past 20 years dealing with the possums and making our customers happy. We have specially trained possum catchers who use highly advanced equipment for the possum treatment. The possum Removal Canberra team does everything to make your place free of possums with our best possum control service. Additionally, Our team will be at your service 24/7. Our company has a high reputation and trust for its service. We also accept online booking through our website.

Importance Of Possum Control

Got a possum attack on your place? Worried about how to deal with them without harming yourself? Looking for the best possum control near me? Don’t worry, the Possum Removal Canberra team is here to resolve all your possum related problems. These creatures are highly aggressive and dangerous so you should always contact a professional to deal with them. It’s very important to have regular possum control to avoid severe damage. Nobody wants these possums roaming around their property and damaging the stuff.

Services You Can Avail From Possum Removal Canberra Team

Our team helps you with all kinds of services in one place. Our high quality possum treatment service at such affordable prices will make you feel way happier than anything. We have a variety of services depending on the needs of our customers. Here’s what we offer:

Possum Removal and Inspection Service

There is always a tension in the mind of how to keep your stuff safe from a possum attack. Well, this is not anymore the case. Our expert team is always there to help you with possum control and possum hive removal and many more services. The possum removal Canberra team also provides you with the possum inspection service to ensure that they must not invade your surroundings.

Pre-purchased Possum Inspection

Wanted to be safe and happy while entering a new place and don’t want these unwanted guests? Then avail our pre-purchase inspection service now. Therefore, our possum inspection service is carried by highly trained possum catchers. Our motto is to build trust with our customers and to make them happy. Our possum specialists will ensure that possum should not enter your property ever.

Possum Control Services For Domestic Places

Having children and possum at the same house is highly dangerous. Nobody wants their family to get hurt and thus here we are with our domestic possum control service. Our possum catchers will get rid of possum nests from every corner of your house. We also do not want to put a burden on you with the cost. As a Possum Removal Canberra team has the lowest possum removal cost.

Restaurant Possum Control

Avail our restaurant possum control service now at a very affordable cost. Our possum pest control team will ensure safety from possums. So do not wait to let these possum takeovers to your restaurant. Call the Possum Removal Canberra team now and boost your sales again.

Possum Control Even in the Emergency

Got a sudden attack of possums and are frightened what to do now? Our team is always ready for such situations 24/7. Just inform our professional possum catchers and they will reach you as soon as possible. Even in an emergency, we do not forget to provide you with the best possum control service.

Same Day Possum Control service

Got very frightened with possums and want to get rid of them now only, then we have our same day possum control service available at your doors at very affordable prices. Our specially trained team ensures to get rid of the possum nest precisely and make you feel comfortable. So do not miss this service and book us now.

 We Are Timely Service Providers In Canberra

When dealing with this kind of dangerous creature, the thing which is absolutely not affordable is being late. Our team ensures to reach before things get worse. Our company provides all kinds of service 24/7 so all you have to do is give us a call. It generally takes a few minutes or an hour for our possum control team to reach you depending upon your location. 

But we assure our customers to resolve their problems in just a snap and with such precision that it feels like it was never there. Our team will also guide you with the instruction on how to handle the possum attack till our team reaches.

What Makes Us The Best Of All Or Why To Choose Us Only?

Possum Removal Canberra team ensures to solve all possum related problems. We have many more facilities to provide you with so that you have everything in hand in just one place. And here are some more quality services provided by our company which makes us different and best from the others:

  • Most affordable prices
  • Use of organic and eco-friendly chemicals
  • Use of highly advanced equipment and techniques
  • On time high quality service
  • Highly trained possum catchers

We Are Available All Across Canberra And Suburbs Near Canberra

Our service can be availed all over Canberra as well as the suburbs near Canberra including Belconnen, Majura, Tuggeranong, and many more. So contact us now even when you are far away we will reach you.


Q. What are the effects of possum bite?

Possum bite causes itching and exposure to bacteria and an ulcer is developed at the wound which is a bit dangerous. These bacteria can transmit many diseases. So one must be careful with them.

Q. What are the species of possums?

Possums generally belong to a tree-living marsupial species which are from Australia. They are a bit similar to marsupials and belong to the rodent family and are poached animals.

Q. Does possums bite humans? Are the services available in Majura?

Possums biting humans is very rare though but their bite can be lethal. Yes, we are also available in Majura also and all other places near Canberra.