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Pests see your houses, attics, basements or kitchens as a place to hide from predators, weather and other threats. Moreover, they may never leave if your site provides them with food and water. That's where you need pest control experts to inspect and detect these hiding points and exterminate bugs forever. Fast Pest Control can do that for you. We are a family-owned business that believes in offering safe pest control in Moffat Beach. Our genuine concern for customers' well-being, transparency and safe treatments have made us every property owner's favourite. Contact us now and learn more about our services.

Proudly Serving Moffat Beach Since Ages

The capital of Queensland is a busy city with all facilities, including clubs, restaurants, posh buildings, broad ways, modern bridges and whatnot. Yet, the bugs may tease its residents. We understand this and offer top-notch pest control services in Moffat Beach and its suburbs. Our technicians are local pest controllers that have studied behavioural patterns and habits of pests in the local area. We have global techniques, innovative solutions and advanced tools to exterminate all kinds of pests. Contact us now, and we will do the rest. You don't have to worry about the bugs as long as we do. Get the most affordable and safe pest control in Moffat Beach today!

Our Exclusive Services

Ant control
Ant control

Our local pest controllers use targeted, all-natural techniques to remove ant colonies and stop further infestations.

Rodent Removal
Rodent Removal

We exterminate rodents using eco-friendly and compassionate removal techniques.

Moth Control
Moth Control

Use environmentally friendly techniques to control moth populations and stop them from reproducing.

Cockroach control
Cockroach control

Our pest control involves using environmentally friendly techniques to find and get rid of cockroaches while preventing structural damage to your home.

Bed bug control
Bed bug control

Applying heat or all-natural remedies to successfully remove bed insect infestations without using harsh chemicals.

Bird Control
Bird Control and Proofing

Our technicians provide quick and affordable pest control services. We safely remove bird nests and relocate them into the woods.

Bee and Wasp Control
Bee and Wasp Control

To safeguard bees and wasps and your property, control bees and wasps by safely transferring them.

Possum Removal
Possum Removal

We capture the possum and release them to a safer place. Our technicians follow all law rules.

Our Pest Control Treatments

Fast Pest Control


Fumigation is a suitable pest removal technique for commercial sites like factories, store rooms, transportation and so on. We use green gases or pesticides and follow pet-friendly procedures.
Fast Pest Control

Heat Treatment

The heat pest treatment kills the bugs, germs and allergens. The high temperature is appropriate for exterminating pests like ants, bed bugs, fleas and other insects. Plus, it's a non-chemical pest control method.
Fast Pest Control

Pest Disinfection

We have a name for the best pest control in Moffat Beach due to our habit of going the extra mile for customers' safety. We conduct thorough disinfection treatments to eliminate germs and bacteria left by pests.
Fast Pest Control

Poison Biting

Rodents need poison biting process due to their hard-to-reach hidden locations. Many individuals may not want their site with dead mice, but we take care of it all. Our poison bites will not hurt your pets or toddlers. Plus, we exterminate rodents, examine your place and schedule a follow-up pest control service.

Get 100% Sure with Pre-Purchase Pest Inspection!

Some homes or properties are prone to bug infestations. Therefore, we provide pre-purchase pest inspections around Moffat Beach to safeguard you from buying such a place. Here is what we do:

Uncover potential damage by pests

Find hidden entry points of bugs

Offer accurate insight into your potential purchase

Detailed prevention measures for upcoming years

Help you secure a good deal

Ensure Pest-Free New Property

Fast Pest Control
Our expert inspector can offer detailed insights on pest issues, repairs and removal. Hiring us will give you assurance and transparency about your deal. After all, we don't purchase properties every day. So, when doing it, ensure hiring pros like us for a pre-purchase pest inspection.
Fast Pest Control

Pests Are Emergencies

The dancing cockroach in your kitchen or the sleep-disturbing bed bugs are all emergencies. You can't and shouldn't ignore their presence or signs. Therefore, we offer prompt same-day and emergency pest control in Moffat Beach. Contact us in the first half and consider your problem solved by the evening. Isn't it hassle-free?

Why Us?

At Fast Pest Control, we believe that everyone deserves peace of mind and hygiene. Therefore, we strive to provide exactly that. Have a look at more reasons to hire us:
  • 24/7 Pest Control Service
  • Quality Services at Affordable Range
  • Premium Pest Control in Moffat Beach
  • Certified and Trained Technicians
  • Local Pest Controllers
  • Honest Approach
  • Safe and Green Solutions
  • Pet and Family-Friendly Procedures
  • 100% Guaranteed Results
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Sheer Professionalism
  • On-Time Services

Say Goodbye to Pests Now

You are not supposed to fight against bugs. If you have tried DIY remedies, you already know they don't work. That's where we come into the play. Contact us now and get a safe pest control service that too at an affordable range.
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