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Know All About Silverfish Prevention and Control

Silverfish are not any kind of fish. This is just a nickname that came about because of their silver body and their movement, side-to-side, forward and backward which appears just like a fish when it moves. You can follow some effective Pest solutions to remove them.

Silverfish Prevention and Control

Why do they Prefer to Visit Your Home?

There are several reasons why silverfish like to stay at your home and reside there only.

It has many advantages which are given below-

  • Best place to hide: Your home becomes a perfect place for them to lay their eggs. It looks like a yellow and white bulb. Hidden in the dark, deep and moist, and hard to reach the area of your house
  • Moisture: Just like any other pest, they also prefer to live in a moist and humid environment which is plenty in your house.
  • Plenty to eat: They like to eat sugary substances which are also termed Polysaccharides. They could be found in many places in your house, such as carpet, paint, fabrics, and even your furniture.

These were some points why silverfish reside in your home. They could even be dangerous for your health. Here are some ways of silverfish prevention and control.

Control Over Silverfish

  1. Glass Jar Trap: You can easily capture the silverfish by placing a sugary substance inside a glass jar. Now you can cover it with tape. So the silverfish may climb into the jar with the help of the tape. It may not be able to come out due to the smooth surface of the glass.
  2. Newspaper home: Before capturing silverfish, you need to provide them with a home. Wet the newspaper and leave it so Silverfish may make it their home and then you make a throw or burn the paper to get rid of it.
  3. Silverfish Poison: You may spread the poison in some places of your house. Only if children and pets are not there as they may also consume it and get serious health damage.
  4. Bay leaves: You may also use this method by spreading bay leaves in many places of your house and as pests do not like it they may automatically go away.

Ways to Prevent Silverfish

  1. Store all your food in locked cupboards to have your food from the silverfish and it will also keep them moist free.
  2. If you will clean your home regularly then you may even catch the silverfish but also the things which they eat may not be in your home
  3. Remove stacks of books, papers, or cardboard boxes as they attract the silverfish.
  4. Cover all the cracks and holes so that silverfish may not be able to lay the eggs and if the eggs are already present then they will not be able to come out ever again.
  5. Clear all the dead plants and leaves from your home.

As soon as you find any trait of silverfish you may instantly put any possible efforts into silverfish prevention and control & get rid of it as they may harm you even your children. Hire a Fast pest control to get rid of them.

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