How to Get Rid of Wasps and Bees

Bees are a common sight when you think of nature, but everything feels good at its particular place, and your house is certainly not that place. European bees are the bees you want to know if you live in Sydney, like any other species of bees the initial form of these bees’ is a larva, which then forms a cocoon and after 4-5 days it turns into pupae, and after 12 days you get a creature that can fly and sting, a frightful combo indeed.

Bee Pest Control
Bee Pest Control

If talk about the stings, the stinging organ is attached to the abdomen of the bees and has a portion filled with venom (it’s not that intense as it feels when you read it), we call it the venom bulb , knowledge of the sting is important because in the effort to remove the sting from one’s body, he or she generally ( ignorantly ) squeeze the venom bulb which is attached at the very end of the sting, thus injecting more venom in one’s body.

One should take multiple stings by the bees as a medical emergency, and stings around the upper regions of the body are more serious. Swelling of the affected area is obvious along with a sensation of pain if there’s anything serious one would start noticing it after 15 minutes, and the severity of infection depends on how sensitive is one’s body towards the venom.

Wasp & Bee Control Natural Ways

Now natural ways of getting rid of bees and wasps are :


    simple as it sounds, makes a solution of soap and water and sprays it to the nest it would take some time and is risky but will do the work, same could be done using vinegar. BUT this should most preferably be done during the night, the time they are least active.

    It again is simple yet risky, wrap some mothballs in a thin cloth and hang it close to the hive.
Bee Pest Control Using Mothballs
Bee Pest Control Using Mothballs


This one involves baiting the bees, all you have to do is cut open a sweet soda bottle (from the top), so that there is enough space for a cluster of bees, and simply place it just below the hive, wait till the fragrance reaches the nest and bees start gathering over the bottle , they will eventually drown, you can trap them with a big sheet of cloth if you want to be adventurous.

Artificial ways


    The most obvious way is hanging a bug zapper near the hive, the bees will be gone in some hours and guess what’s more, you can count every bee going off.
  2. BEE SPRAY:-

    Most probably you have at least one of these in your home, just shield yourself with layers of clothing while you do what you do.

    mon, this is the most safest way to do this thing, they live for solving such things, give them a chance, they will leave you with a safe to live house and a smile on the face.
Expert Bee Pest Control
Expert Bee Pest Control

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