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How to Get Rid of Pests

Pests are the most disgusting creature on earth. They are small in size but their infestation level is high. Pests are destructive in nature and can damage your property and belongings at a high rate. Like humans, pests also do need food and shelter to survive. If they find it at your house, they will surely make your living at your place. But who on the earth does want this? The simple answer is No one. Everyone desires to live in the pest-free area only. If you are worried about pest presence at your property and want a solution that will show you an effective pest control result? Read out the solutions given below to Get rid of Pests.

Pest Control Service

Types of Pests Found At your Property

Before learning about the solutions you can opt to make the pests run out of your place, first learn about the different kinds of pest problems you can have at your house.

✔ Cockroaches 

Cockroaches are the species that need the same atmosphere as humans need. This is the reason why cockroaches have become pests. Cockroaches do need food, moisture, and warmth for living and they find it at your home that makes them want to live at your place. They usually feed themselves on human food or other material like cardboard, glue. Cockroaches are the most annoying pest who not only damage your property but also transmit various harmful diseases to your house that makes it more important to get rid of them. Know how to get rid of cockroaches with us.

✔ Mosquitoes 

Mosquitoes are the pest whose single bite can transmit the various harmful diseases to your body and cause you several serious health issues. Mosquitoes can enter your property from anywhere due to which keeping them away becomes more difficult. They breed themselves on the standing water and if they find it at your home, they will surely present there. 

✔ Ants 

Ants are the pest that is found in large numbers and lives in colonies. Although some of the ants are harmless, they can create a nuisance when they appear in your house. You can see them marching in your cupboard, kitchen, or any area where they find food and can infest that place. Get to know the Ants Control now.

✔ Tick 

Ticks are of different types. Some of them are harmful and some of them can be deadly too. Ticks are not only found on humans but also on pets. Ticks are the storehouse of the harmful diseases which they can transmit to you through their bite. Once ticks make themselves feed on the human blood, they become all more dangerous.

✔ Flies 

Houseflies make themselves appear in the hot summer months. They lay their eggs on the animal waste, sewage, rotting food, garbage, and other dirty areas from where they can transfer harmful diseases to your body and put your health into risk.

✔ Spiders 

You must have seen the webs at the corners of your wall, windows, or the closed area? Spiders are the reason behind it. If you think that spiders are harmless, then you are wrong a few of the spiders are harmful or sometimes deadly too. There are thousands of spider species present which you cannot predict. That makes it more important to get rid of spiders but you can try our specialized home remedies.

✔ Bees & Wasps 

Bees & wasps have a defensive sting. They do never hurt anyone themselves and attack only when their nest is disturbed or they are threatened. If you find wasps or bees nest at or near your property, it becomes riskier as they can bite your children or family members. 

✔ Rodent

Nobody loves to keep the rodents at their place, as rodents not only infest but they can also damage your property to a large extent. It is very riskier to keep the rodents at your place if you have any unhealthy or asthmatic person. Rodents are a warm-blooded creature with larger than average front teeth that lead them to create an excessive mess.

✔ Silverfish 

These wingless silver coloured pests look for the dark, moisturized and warm places to live. Silverfish are usually found at items rich in starch i.e. books, magazines, wallpaper, clothes, synthetic fabric, or sometimes at flour or cereal. Silverfish can damage your precious belongings. 

✔ Bed Bugs

Bedbugs are the pests that feed on human blood. Bedbugs, as the name indicate, are presents at your bed who can bite you while sleeping. They are wingless creature, thus they do not fly but they can bite you causing you itching and red marks on your body. 

✔ Termites

Termites are known to damage the furniture and structure of your property. They are similar to an ant in size, thus it is really difficult to identify them with the naked eyes. Termites love to feed on wood or paper so they can damage a variety of property at your house.  So, if you want termite control service at your premises, contact professional termite controllers only.

✔ Moth

Moths are the harmless creature who doesn’t bite you or damage your property, directly. But it does not mean that they will not harm you. They can have an indirect impact on you. They are capable of damaging your clothes or stored items and transmitting various diseases to your property, which is not good for health. 

Different Kinds of Pest

How You Can Know About Pest Infestation At Your Property

Here are many signs through which you can identify the pest infestation problem at your house. Not all the signs can be same for all kinds of pests, but with these points, you may get to know that the pest problem is there at your premises.

▣ Active pests

If you see active pests at your house, this is quite often that you have a pest infestation problem at your house. Do the research and try various methods to know the kind of pest infestation problem you are suffering from and how you can remove them. If you see one pest at your house, it doesn’t mean it is normal. One pest can also mean that you have a pest problem at your house and they are somewhere in the hidden area.

▣ Dead Bugs

If you find large number of dead bugs near the window or behind the furniture or any other dark places, then you most probably have the pest infestation problem at your property.

▣ Droppings of Pest

The basic indication of pest presence at your property is their droppings. If you find droppings of pest at your house, maybe it sounds gross, but that will be the right indication of pest presence at your property. Finding the pest eggs or feces, you can estimate the type of pest problem prevailing at your property. 

▣ Finding Pest’s Nest

Pests make their place anywhere they found their needed and desired environment. They make their nest and start living there in the area which they found safe, near to food, full or moisture and warm.

▣ Odd Smells and Sounds

Different kinds of pests cause different smells. Like Bedbugs cause sweet and musty odor. Rats smell like must or urine. Roaches have the oily odor and many more. With the kind of smell problem you are facing at your house, you can identify the kind of pest living there at your place. Also, if you find scratching or cutting sound from the dark hidden areas, then you probably have the pest at your premises.

▣ Holes or gnaw marks at your Premises

Small holes in the walls or floors and on your furniture can be an indication of a pest problem at your house. Burrows in the garage or scratches on the wall is also the bad sign. Look for the holes or gnaw marks at your home to make sure the pest presence at your house. 

▣ Signs of Termite

Checking for termite problem at your premises is most important as termites are the large destruction causing pest. They live on the wood and your other furniture harming the structure of your house. Check the wooden material at your property to make sure about the termite problem at your property.

Signs of Pest Infestation

The Attractions For Pest in the House

❂ The Bundle of Neglected Paper at your house can be the breeding ground for many of the pests as it provides the needed atmosphere to pests to survive.

❂ Keeping Dirty Dish Washes in the Sink overnight also become the attraction for many of the pests.

❂ Areas containing moisture or damp areas attract a different kind of pests as many pests need moisture to live.

❂ When the weather turns cold outside, pests need warmness to live for which they enter your house.

❂ If your food has been spilled on the ground and you do not clean it immediately, this can become the food for many pests who starts appearing to your house. Also, leftover food attracts pests.

❂ The smell of dirty garbage is hated by the human’s nose but pests nose do love it. So dirty garbage bin can attract the pest.

❂ The cracks or holes in the windows, doors, or floor becomes the entry point for many of the pest from which they get entry to your house. 

Unwashed clothes– Dirty things attract the pest, so if you keep your clothes unwashed for many days, it can attract several pests to your house.

❂ Your pets may carry several diseases or pests on your body, which they carry along with them to your house. So, you must make your pet bath after they come inside the house.

Unused drain can be the attraction for many of the pests like flies or bees.

❂ When a thing becomes unimportant to you, it becomes important for someone else i.e. pest. When you throw your trash into the clutters, it becomes the home for many insects.

Common Ways to Get Rid of All Kinds of Pest

1. Seal Up The Crack and Tiny Holes:

Seal all the tiny holes or small cracks at your home to prevent the pests because pests make entry to your property through these cracks or holes only. So, it is very important for you to seal them to prevent the entry of pests to your premises. If you want complete pest prevention, you can hire pest control professionals also. 

2. Use Baking Soda and Sugar:

 Baking soda is the most helpful and effective home remedy that can keep the pests away from your property. The solution of the baking soda and the sugar is the most effective for various pests like cockroaches. Even if the baking soda is non-toxic, it can kill them and add sugar to attract pests. Sprinkle this solution at the pest infested area and keep it overnight as pests are more active at night.

3. Use Boric Acid:

 Boric acid is the most helpful ingredient that can be used as a pest repellent to kill the pests at your premises. This acid can be easily found in the market so you can use it to protect your family from pest infestation. Sprinkle this solution at the infested area where you find the walkthrough of pests. But keep this in mind, keep your children away from this boric acid because it is not made for consumption and it can harm them. 

4. Use Insecticides:

 For using insecticides, first, make sure that you find the pest infested area at your property. Insecticides are easily available in the market and thus you can purchase it. Spray these insecticides generously at the infected area so that pests can come in contact with it. You can also make the use of a mixture of soap or water to kill the pests, as pests feel suffocated in it.

5. Pack your food in sealed container

Never keep your food unsealed or unpacked. Sometimes pests can enter your containers if they find them open and that contains food. So, to keep pests away, it is necessary that you always keep your food packed. 

6. Maintain the cleanliness at your property:

 Cleanliness is crucial if you want to keep the household pest away. Messy home or kitchen attracts the unusual pests so keeping your home clean and healthy is important to prevent the pests. Be an ideal homeowner and vacuum your house regularly if you want to keep your home pest-free.

7. Dryer Sheets

Though this is the old belief that keeping dryer sheets in your pocket while gardening or camping can keep the pests away. But this is the fact that this works. Even if it works less but it is better than spraying chemicals. Keeping this also gives your clothes a good smell too.

8. Plant some Herbs

You can plant some herbs at the entrance of your houses like mint, lemongrass or citronella. Pests don’t like the smell of these herbs thus they will not enter your property. This is not only a natural method but growing them is also easy.

Home Remedies for Pest Control

Make a Protective Shield at Your Home to Prevent Pests With These Tips

~ Repair Damaged Pipes:-

Repairing damaged pipes is important as leaked pipes release moisture in the environment which is a favorable atmosphere for the pests. It can lead to the spread of pests more and can cause various other issues. So it is necessary that you keep the area dry and repair the pipes immediately.

~ Take Care of Pets:-

If you are having pets at your property then there is a possibility that your home will be suffering from fleas or tick problems. So, it is important that you give your pests bath regularly. Make sure that you do not keep pet food in the kitchen and wash all the pet items regularly. This will also keep the house clean and will prevent the pests too. 

~ Prevent Clutters in the Home:-

Most of the pests like rodents and spiders hide behind the clutters. So it is important that you remove the clutters from your house regularly. This will not only prevent the pests from your property but will also keep your home clean. 

~ Use of Traps in Corner:-

The corners of your house are the favorite area of pests. So if you keep the traps of pests at the corners or keep the corners of the house clean, you will find an amazing pest control result. 

Take Professional Assistance to Get Rid of Pests

 Pests control is not an easy task and they cannot be prevented from your premises easily. Along with these effective home remedies, you should take professional assistance for insect control service at your residential or commercial property. If you are dealing with unwanted pests, even after trying many home remedies, contact the experts of Fast Pest Control Brisbane immediately. Wondering how professional pest controllers can help you to eradicate the pests.

1. Pest Heat Treatment

Heat treatment is one of the most effective pest control methods. Pest heat treatment not only kills the adult of the pests but also its eggs and larvae also. That means in one treatment, all the pests will be killed. This is a safe and effective method.

2. Fumigation service

Fumigation service for pest control is considered to be the most effective method as it provides protection to your consignments. If you are going to export or import any stored products and want to protect your material from the pest attack, then the fumigation service is best for your needs.

3. Poisoned Baiting 

For insects like cockroaches, mice, ants, a poisoned baiting method is being used. Poisoned baits are combined with insecticides to kill or affect their normal behavior so that it becomes easy to throw the pest out of your place. 

Pest Control Methods


If you are suffering from a pest infestation problem at your home or commercial property, these home remedies will be really helpful for you to control pests or prevent them. But if you need professional and complete eradication of any kinds of pests from your property, contact the team of Fast pest control only. So, along with using various home remedies for pest control, you should get a professional pest control service at your place regularly. Get Free Quote today for the Same Day pest control service. Hurry Up! Book Service Now!