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How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs?

Health issues related to bedbugs

Bed bugs are the worst nightmare for any household. This tiny blood-sucking monster lives on human and pet blood. Therefore, if not taken care of right away, they can cause several health hazards. However, it is not an easy task to get rid of them due to their tiny size. One has to check closely to find possible bed bug infestation. And in case you fail to do so, hire a professional pest controller.

Furthermore, due to their tiny physique, people often confuse bed bugs with ticks. Therefore, make sure to get your assessment right. But if you are sure about the bed bug infestations at home, we have a step-by-step bed bug removal procedure to ensure maximum result. So, without further delay, let’s get into bed bug removal Brisbane.

  • Even before you get into the removal procedure, make sure to identify the pest properly. The nymphs are translucent, light-colored, and turn brownish towards maturation. If bitten, you can experience itchy with bumpy red spots on your skin. These signs can confirm bed bugs infestation in your place.
  • Once you understand the possible bed bug infestation at home, you have to find out their dungeon. Mostly, these bloodsuckers prefer to live in dark places, under beds, and sofas with the maximum human exposure. They run away from bright lights. Therefore, use a flashlight to find them.
  • Once you find the infested area, make sure that the bed bugs cannot escape to other areas of the room. Therefore, it will be better to remove the surrounding items from the place. However, don’t forget to check those items thoroughly. Once you remove the items, you can vacuum clean the bed bugs, as they are easy to trap with the machine. While vacuuming, you have to pay special attention to the curtains, carpets, bed covers, mattress, table cloths, and your clothing items thoroughly. Once you clean the entire area, make sure to zip slip the packet and store it far away from your place.
  • Bed bugs are quite a runner. Therefore, once you discard your vacuumed packet, check the possible hideouts properly. For example, behind the cupboard, under the table, within the layers of newspaper and magazines are the best places for them to take shelter. So, make sure to minimize the clutters in the room.
  • After that, wash all the clothing materials from the infested room. Washing with hot water and a deep cleaning detergent will be the best to kill the possible hidden bed bugs. The bed bugs cannot stand high temperatures. After washing the items, dry and de-dust them thoroughly before putting them to use. However, if the washing is not possible, you can store them in closed airtight black polythene bags to kill.
  • If the bed bug infestation is uncontrollable, you can do nothing but use chemical sprays and bed bug extermination procedures. Bleach is one of the frequently used methods to kill bed bugs. You can use bed bug spray over the infected areas and let them rest for a few days. Make sure not to give any access to the room. Another common practice is to use a steamer, as the insects die at 95˚F and above temperature.
  • Bed bugs are persistent. Therefore, they can withstand the extermination process. Therefore, it is mandatory to keep the area in close monitoring. So, don’t get loose and check the entire area after 7 to 10 days. If you are lucky, you don’t have to re-process. But, if you find it, make sure to start from the beginning to ensure a complete bed bug eradication.  
  • Last, but not least, nothing can compare to professional bed bug control services. Therefore, it will always be the best choice to contact your local service provider and seek their help. Moreover, the professionals are expert in providing quality solutions without incorporating chemicals. So, if you have any health conditions beforehand, you can share them with your service provider. The team will get you the best yet effective alternative solution. You can also get some tips and tricks in maintaining hygiene and inhibit bed bug recurrence.

However, removing bed bugs from your place is not as difficult as the maintenance. Therefore, keep your home and surroundings in close monitoring to avoid further bed bug infestations. 

You are getting these pieces of information from the experts at Fast Pest Control. Also, you can hire pest controllers from us to get rid of any kind of pest infestation at your property.